Using Management Applications to Digitize the Real Estate Industry

Using Management Applications to Digitize the Real Estate Industry

Technology has changed the way the industry adapts to new practises in an effort to revolutionise standard processing, sustainability, and revenue. The real estate industry was a late adopter of automation, but it is now reaping as many benefits as possible. The digitalization of the real estate industry encourages commercial and residential agents, managers, and brokers to take more control of their assets and focus their efforts on the right tactics for increasing revenues and commissions. The incorporation of technology within the industry is focused on segmenting the complex process while centralising authority. The systems are now built with a humanistic approach that even the least tech-savvy person can understand. AI, management system software, and the use of AR and VR are changing the dynamics of purchase, sale, and leasing in the real estate industry. Aside from enhancing the customer experience, let us look at how technology has simplified the functionality of the real estate industry.

Digitalization Of The Real Estate Industry With Management Applications

Defined Access

The digitalization of the real estate industry has reduced the reliance on administrative-like authorities and centralised the access granted. When it comes to gaining the trust of investors as a broker and agent, confidentiality is critical. The upcoming commissions and deals are heavily reliant on the referrals of clients with whom you have a trusting relationship. The defined access feature is a tool for creating company/group hierarchy separation of responsibilities and authorities among agents and additional staff. You can also share the files with the appropriate authorities using the defined access, promoting collaboration and networking. The right access speeds up the leasing and closing process. Data is secure and only shared with those who have defined access.

Access to Portal Listings is Simple

Listing is the winning portal in the real estate industry, determining whether the agency will grow or become bankrupt. One of the primary causes of real estate failure is a lack of listings. Finding listings and organisations takes time, and a lot of research goes into finding the right place for leasing, especially if you are a broker. Management applications are designed to remove listing obstacles by providing a variety of features. You can use technology to automate repetitive listings on different portals, bookmark quality locations, and send and receive reminders. The technology makes it simple to digitally follow up with potential listings and never miss an opportunity.

Simplifying Business Expansion

Real estate businesses expand with great potential when they are consistent. Maintaining up-to-date and organised functionality to generate expected revenue and maintain public relations is one of the challenges of scaling your business. When you expand your business, you must update your entire software system in order to unify your functionality. However, thanks to advances in technology, experts can now create simple and quick third-party integrations for real estate agencies. Third-party integrations allow you to connect the application to existing software in order to simplify access and functionality. Accounting software, ERP software, HR software, property portals, and other software can be integrated with the real estate management application.

Electronic Approval

A typical day for a property manager consists of returning to the home leaders' complaint. Visiting houses to approve the maintenance process takes time and energy because the solution requires a dedicated day. The digitalization of the real estate agency, on the other hand, has eliminated the need to visit every house.

The technology has created an electronic approval feature that allows tenants to submit service requests online by uploading photos and information. The property manager can digitally approve these requests and send them to the repairing services.


The real estate industry's digitalization has simplified the complex process and daunting routines. Technology has increased productivity in real estate dimensions, and enthusiasm has never been easy. Along with third-party integration systems and real estate management software that provide market coverage, there is a new star in the market: a real estate application that works similarly to software and third-party solutions but can also be accessed and downloaded via phone. DoFort is the frontrunner in the race of real estate management solutions, offering a comprehensive set of features and tools for organising, managing, and analysing matters ranging from local listings to financial processes, assisting brokers, property managers, and estate agents with every need.


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