Maintenance Management

Maintenance management module in Business enterprise solution designed to assist businesses with maintenance repairs, workflows and costs. Maintenance management module often referred as a computerised maintenance system (CMMS). Maintenance management module helps in tracking and control of a company's assets like equipment or facilities. The purpose of maintenance management is to ensure a flowless effective production eliminating the downtime. Poorly maintained resource can cause a costly pause in production. Maintenance management module give you alerts of the scheduled maintenance for the timely maintenance. On time maintenance management ensure satisfactory and reliable production as well as safety for the employees.

DoFort Maintenance module helps to improve product uptime, lower cost of ownership and grow maintenance revenues. It streamlines all maintenance activities such as track the install base of all products, schedule and perform maintenance task, improve asset utilization and performance, etc.

Equipment and Asset Management
Asset management helps you to actively manage assets across a number of business locations in real time. The system curates such information as maintenance records and scheduling, service contracts, calibration points, safety certifications and procedures, meter readings and inspection requirements.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance help to predict equipment issues or failure gives your maintenance crew a chance to solve problems before they occur. It monitors your equipment to collect real-time data to predict emergent issues.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventive maintenance prevents any probable failures or breakdowns resulting in production stoppages. Preventive maintenance minimizes asset failure and breakdown, reduce downtimes and improved production.

Key Features & Benefits

Tailor equipment management to your needs by machine, project, or line

Visibility into all equipment details, including depreciation and warranty information, usage history, maintenance costs, billing rates, and repair history

Establish relationships among your assets from an entire facility down to a basic machine part


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