DoFort CRM Marketing Automation Module

Customer relationship management (CRM) marketing is a term to refer to the methods and tactics that marketers utilize to maintain their customer relationships all throughout consumer journey, and the technologies that support the performance of such tactics and strategies. Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on improving and optimizes customer interactions in order to increase customer loyalty, retention, revenue, and lifetime value.

Over time, marketing has evolved considerably, becoming more sophisticated and puzzling than ever before. Consumers nowadays acquire information and stay current through a multitude of media means, making it difficult for marketers to keep up. In contrast, marketing automation in CRM allows a corporation to automate and optimize a variety of marketing operations. The sales and marketing team will be more effective and efficient by saving time on administrative tasks, sending messages with the relevant content to the right audience, completing transactions faster thanks to better automation, and increasing revenue and profitability. Marketing automation is a terrific tool, but it's meaningless unless it's suited to the company's goals and needs.

Campaign management

Streamline permission-based marketing strategy, implementation, and budgeting. Drive growth via the campaign approval and execution process, as well as collaborative skills. Maintain control by using financial modeling to optimize marketing budget allocation and a marketing command center to track campaigns from start to finish by using our DoFort CRM software .

Email marketing

Email marketing system that is comprehensive, permission-based, and scalable, and is completely integrated across all consumer touch points. Manage your email marketing campaigns with DoFort CRM software to target lists, success rates, and client permission with ease.

CRM Integration

Customer relationship management tools that interface smoothly with marketing automation platforms can be a very strong weapon. You'll be able to smoothly transmit lead information between marketing and sales if your CRM system is tightly integrated.

Lead Nurturing

Send the appropriate information to the appropriate prospects at the appropriate time. The process of sending a series of automated emails in response to a person's action is known as lead nurturing.

Lead Management & Scoring

Another important element of marketing automation software is the ability to track results. Marketers may focus their efforts on the most promising prospects thanks to lead scoring. Based on his activities, each consumer obtains a score. When a lead matures, i.e. reaches a certain value, it is forwarded to a sales professional for further action.


Visitor Tracking

Your agents will obtain a greater understanding of your prospects' demands by using our CRM Software visitor tracking, and your sales process will be more tailored and efficient. As a result, sales are speedier, closing rates are higher, and residuals are boosted.


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