Advanced ERP Solution for Oil and Gas Industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE.

DoFort's practices in oil and gas uses innovation in digital technology, automation, mobile solutions, commercial models to assist with overcoming the lack of operational insights, barriers placed by legacy systems, complex supply chains, talent scarcity and regulatory oversight. The oil and gas industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE is one of the highly volatile industry sectors. It is largely influenced by fast-changing domestic regulations and fluctuations in the international market. In such a challenging scenario, oil and gas producers need to streamline processes and set priorities for every area of the sector. DoFort ERP Solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE for the oil and gas industry is flexible, adaptable, and efficient.

With the help of our Oil and Gas Utility Management Software Solution in Dubai, you can lower your costs, decrease your risk, and improve your performance. Using our software solutions, project managers can plan, implement, manage, monitor, and evaluate the entire asset lifecycle, from operations to gas delivery. Oil and gas industry is one of the important business industries in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE Company in the oil and gas industry requires ERP software especially for the oil gas industry in Dubai, UAE. Oil & gas business is different from any other industry as prices and demand fluctuate regularly. Therefore, it requires vast effort to budget, and supply chain costs are on t

By Using DoFort Oil and Gas Utility Management Software Solution in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. We will help you to reduce your costs, decrease your risk, and improve performance. Using DoFort Oil and Gas ERP software solutions in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE, project managers can plan, implement, manage, monitor, and evaluate the entire asset lifecycle, from operations to gas delivery.

Key features of our ERP for Oil and Gas Companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE

Oil & Gas - Reduced Operational Costs

Real-time Asset Control

Oil & Gas - Enhanced Supply Chain

Active Compliance

Oil & Gas - Improved Visibility

Standardized Processes

Oil & Gas - Adherence to Regulations

Financial and Inventory Management

Oil & Gas - Higher Flexibility and Extensibility

QA Control and Management

Oil & Gas - Complete Financial Control

Real-time Reporting

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How ERP Software for Oil & Gas Industry can Benefit Your Business

Real-time sources of information on your various company processes and results can assist you to make informed decisions and allocate resources. DoFort’s ERP solutions for oil and gas industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE that are designed to assist businesses to improve services and reduce operating expenses. The key benefits of DoFort Oil and Gas industry solutions include:

Oil & Gas - Reduced Operational Costs

Reduced Operational Costs

Oil & Gas - Enhanced Supply Chain

Enhanced Supply Chain

Oil & Gas - Improved Visibility

Improved Visibility

Oil & Gas - Adherence to Regulations

Adherence to Regulations

Oil & Gas - Higher Flexibility and Extensibility

Higher Flexibility and Extensibility

Oil & Gas - Complete Financial Control

Complete Financial Control

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Companies that use IoT in the oil and gas industry can benefit from DoFort's instantaneous oil tanker monitoring solutions. Our IoT-powered system provides real-time data and assists in the implementation of preventive actions. This contributes to the optimization of the business process for optimum ROI. One blunder in protecting oil wells/tankers against combustible materials might lead to major disasters in adjacent areas. Monitoring tank level and temperature, distant oil wells, oil tanks, water pressure, and other parameters are simple with oil well/tanker monitoring solution. Our approach saves time and money while providing great outcomes to relevant firms that have been unsuccessful in enhancing their prospects.



Several security risks may arise during the transportation of oil. One of these is oil theft. Our IoT technology has made it more difficult for thieves to flee with stolen oil. We utilize many volume sensors to detect any change in oil level every minute and immediately alert the appropriate authorities. The sensors do real-time monitoring, allowing the level of oil in a tanker to be tracked and leaks to be discovered.


We offer the best solution for a complex gas pipeline application. DoFort believes that monitoring the temperature of a gas pipeline tunnel is essential for safety. Temperatures increase quickly in the limited interior of a tunnel, and overheating can induce pipeline cracks, which can lead to gas leaks or even explosions. So, in order to avoid this, we built a remote monitoring system that employs multiple temperature sensors, gas sensors, and pressure sensors to monitor temperature levels, gas leakage, and pressure at various points along the gas pipeline tunnel.



DoFort's IoT technology solution can help to automate the oil and gas industry by utilizing hardware/software solutions that can control and manage downhole pumps. Our controller is intended for real-time control of downhole pumps. The sensor data is analyzed and sent to the operator console for storage and controller remote control. The controller supports the connection of several analogue and digital sensors. The data from these sensors is utilised to manage the pump unit and to display graphical data on the dashboard.


Monitoring pipelines offshore in the oil and gas sector is difficult since most of the equipment is below sea level. Various equipment, such as interconnects, machinery, and other costly equipment near the pipeline's beginning site, must also be inspected on a regular basis.

DoFort's IoT sensors aid in the monitoring of faults or inconsistencies, as well as the instrumentation of every foot of the pipeline. Our comprehensive remote monitoring systems play an important part in the whole oil and gas sector because we provide ultra-sensitive sensors that identify potential malfunctioning extremely early and the change in frequency prompts the examination. The data gathered by sensors is sent to the IoT device and ultimately to the cloud. Data from the cloud may be shown on the dashboards.



The Internet of Things (IoT) might be used to monitor pipe thickness, flow rate, pipe pressure, and other parameters in an oil and gas refinery. DoFort 's IoT sensors provide more insight and data on the flow, allowing the refinery to operate at a higher capacity. The LPWAN IoT network can reduce refining costs by limiting the amount of people involvement required to manually monitor equipment or the number of pieces of equipment that require wired connectivity.


Land Management

DoFort is cloud-based land management software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar that serves as the foundation for our robust land management software suite for energy companies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. You can easily automate workflows associated with building, planning, engineering, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and other land management activities using the DoFort Land Management System (LMS) solution. This browser-based application will make workflows easier for your internal staff, external agencies, contractors, and citizens. DoFort ERP Software for the Oil and Gas Industry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, geographic information system (GIS) generates and manages land agreement polygons, enabling real-time spatial reporting of land data and even automatic generation of quartered sections.

Drilling and Well Work

DoFort Drilling & Wellwork Software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar goes beyond drilling software because it integrates with your other oil and gas applications. Total addressable market (TAM) Drilling & Wellwork collects daily information directly from the field and updates a central data warehouse for daily reporting. The daily cost capture on projects is seamlessly integrated with the AFE component of TAM and easily reconciles against budgets and actuals from any accounting system. Easily capture key data for daily drilling reports and distribute it automatically to stakeholders. AFE workflow, budget vs. actual, chart of accounts, inventory management, wellbore management, and tracking of recurring and nonrecurring expenses are among the other features.

Production Operations

DoFort production operations software in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar platform helps you get more answers from your data by storing and visualizing high-frequency real-time data; these are essential tools for day-to-day production data management. With well, lease, and facility level reporting and a web-based dashboard, users can easily track asset performance, status, and downtime. Using well tests and other data captured in the system, it seamlessly integrates with DoFort Field Data Capture and provides integrated Product Allocations and Reporting.

Field Data Capture

DoFort Field Information Capture data from wells, tanks, meters, other types of equipment, EH&S, chemicals, run ticket images, and geo-location tags. Capture data on any object outside of traditional manufacturing systems. You can now record vehicle mileage as well as various inspection details. Consider going to a single location to record all the details of a leak – whether the tanks were properly labeled, any corrosion detected, or any visible odors.

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is a subset of accounting that involves the process of recording, summarizing, and reporting a plethora of transactions resulting from business operations over time. These transactions are summed up in the preparation of financial statements, which include the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, and which record the company's operating performance over a specified time period.

Built-in end-to-end controls and visibility, integration with other modules, workflow approvals, advanced reporting, and use of third-party services, such as Open Invoice, are among the key features. These modules make use of the user interface and high-volume transaction processing capabilities of DoFort Oil and Gas Software. Throughout the DoFort Oil and Gas ERP Software solution, our powerful business intelligence tool will provide modern analysis and integrated reporting capabilities.

Division Order

DoFort Division Order can be used in conjunction with our processing application or as a stand-alone module to provide a streamlined yet comprehensive process for division order management and disbursements. The DoFort DO module allows users to enter Well ownership and use it for Revenue disbursements to those owners. When combined with other DoFort Energy Software Modules, the system will take the Well Settlement Valuation results, apply the Division Order Ownership, and generate payments that are sent to the Financials module for check generation.

Fixed Assets

DoFort Fixed Assets supports a variety of depreciation methods, including straight-line, UOP, and MACRS, and manages Fixed Assets for Financials and Tax. This module can also generate Fixed Assets automatically from AFEs.

Tax and Regulatory

In the context of financial planning, taxation is arguably the most dynamic and complex challenge. Tax and Regulatory calculates state and local taxes and royalties. This module calculates taxes and royalties within the application using the results of the allocation and valuation processes. Furthermore, reports for each state can be generated in DoFort Oil and Gas Software and exported directly from the software. The state tax and regulatory module works in tandem with the Midstream Plant Processing or Upstream Revenue Accounting modules.

Purchase Order

DoFort Purchase Order allows creation of purchase order, integrated with a versatile approval engine. Purchase orders can be exported in PDF format or emailed directly. Purchase order items can be transferred directly into inventory, expensed directly, or expensed to an AFE. The Purchase Order module also includes matching functionality, which allows receipt lines to be matched to invoice lines.

Expense Reimbursement

DoFort Expense Reimbursement is a process that allows employees to submit travel, entertainment, and other expenses that are reimbursable by your company. The information gathered in this application is linked to financials in order to properly account for expenses and reimburse the employee. The Employee Expense Reimbursement module is intended for upstream oil and gas companies, but it is robust enough to handle the travel and expense reimbursement needs of any company.


DoFort Marketing manages physical equity products such as gas, NGLs, crude and refined products. This module also includes full invoicing, accounting, and credit management as standard features. Handles the first purchaser of crude oil case.

Contract Management

DoFort Contract Management manages and reports on all corporate contracts. The contract workflow module is used to track a contract from draught to signature and route it appropriately. When contracts are up for renewal, the system notifies users and provides economic data on the contract's performance.

Authorization for Expenditure

By integrating workflow and document management features, DoFort Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) improves controls and turnaround time for AFE approvals. The module aids in the development and booking of capital accruals, as well as improving forecast accuracy.

Labor Distribution

The automated support for importing and exporting Payroll data from third-party Payroll Systems provided by DoFort Labor Distribution enables the processing and allocation of labour costs. User-defined Pay Codes, qualified accounting strings for Pay sheet translation, and automatic Employee Rate calculations are critical for the successful posting of these labour costs to your General Ledger.

Gas & Crude Gathering

DoFort Gas & Crude Gathering manages the accounting movements of the product through a gathering system, from wellhead confirmations to nomination cycles to downstream confirmation cycles with pipelines and allocations. The module can bill shippers based on contractual terms, calculate imbalances, and generate cash-out statements.


DoFort Accrual calculates volumes and values for wells that have or do not have a gas processing plant. e module generates a monthly flash (accrual/estimate) for an asset, employs estimated or actual volumes, and incorporates new volume or contract streams with accuracy typically within 2% of actuals.


DoFort Forecasting predicts revenue from one to many months in advance. The module considers all products, including crude, refined products, NGLs, condensates, and residues. DoFort Forecasting can forecast gas revenues as they flow through a processing plant or directly to an interconnect.

Volume Balancing

DoFort Volume Balancing balances a plant, compressor station, hub, or other measurable facility where component loss may be an issue, using inputs and outputs that are specific to the plant configuration. Operators can monitor loss and unaccounted for for each day's production and flag those losses if they exceed your specified tolerances. On a daily basis, management can estimate recoveries and view projected sales. This fully automated approach to "balancing" provides daily reports to your operations staff that show component level balances and compare the current period to the previous. This is critical for quickly identifying equipment / measurement issues, which improves the client's ability to take corrective action. Trend reports display a graphical representation of plant operations and sales to management.

Revenue Accounting

Utilize DoFort's high volume, high speed processing engine, which allows for more time for review and analysis, resulting in cleaner and more accurate monthly revenue results. Interactive visual allocation definitions are provided to define and analyze actual results. The user-defined formulas engine enables our customers to eliminate the need for the majority, if not all, of the spreadsheet steps commonly used by revenue accountants.

Joint Interest Billing

The high-speed Joint Interest Billing (JIB) processing engine and re-runnability of DoFort can be used to reduce the amount of unbilled charges on the balance sheet. Cleaner JIB runs are made possible by online, real-time reconciliation inquiries, which are supplemented by specific unbilled exception inquiries. An intelligent multi-tiered cost allocation engine incorporates AFE-specific and inter-company controls to support common scenarios across both Upstream and Midstream operators. Aside from the standard owner rebill functionality, the ability to automatically rebill cost allocations and overheads is a significant time saver. Owner summary and monthly JIB invoices, as well as standard exports to JIB Link, are supported.

Produced Salt Water Disposal

With customizable dashboards and KPIs, this SaaS suite of solutions allows service providers to easily track saltwater injection wells, facilities, and volumes. Avoid downtime by responding to market demand. For a complete water management solution, take advantage of the native integration with all platform modules.

Transportation Management

DoFort transportation management software gives operators real-time visibility into production operations. Streamlines business processes such as carrier management, production analysis, asset monitoring, and pickup/delivery verification by combining cloud-based management tools and a cutting-edge mobile app. Transport can be managed via pipeline, truck, rail, vessel, or barge. Track every molecule, move product, and understand where commodities are at all times in the energy supply chain.

Plant Accounting

DoFort Plant Accounting & Gathering is the gas processing industry leader. DoFort Plant Processing & Gathering handles processor payments to producers, complex allocations, and almost any processing contract that business development teams can think of. This module is used by many of the country's largest processors and is integrated with gathering, division order and disbursements, accruals, forecasting / budgeting, and contract management, but it can also be delivered as a stand-alone module if desired.

Liquids Transportation

DoFort Crude, NGLs, and Refined Products, as well as Transportation, handle both tariff and contract-based movements. The module supports advanced nomination and confirmation, inventory management, including inventory layering, and an allocation algorithm. This module includes full back-office functionality such as invoicing, general ledger interface, imbalance and cash-out management, and sub-account management.

Gas & Crude Gathering

DoFort Gas & Crude Gathering manages the accounting movements of the product through a gathering system, from wellhead confirmations to nomination cycles to downstream confirmation cycles with pipelines and allocations. The module can invoice shippers based on contractual terms, calculate imbalances, and generate cash-out statements.

Intrastate Gas Pipeline

DoFort Intrastate Gas Pipeline offers tariff-based and contract rate-based gas transportation, as well as multiple nomination methods, as well as a comprehensive and user-friendly Customer Activity Website (CAW) for your shippers. This configurable module is adaptable to your business needs, typically without the need for additional programming. Pooling, imbalance management, working gas management, and full back-office integration from invoice generation to accounting are all included. To provide a robust shipper experience, this system employs cutting-edge technology.

Terminal Management & Scheduling

DoFort Terminal Management & Scheduling provides full terminal management for third-party products through your facility and allows customers to access the application via the Customer Activity Website (CAW) to input nominations, update product movement information, and view their inventory positions within the facility. Users can use the CAW to access all back-office accounting functionality, such as generating invoices and creating accounting entries. The system generates usage reports based on a variety of metrics, such as dock uptake or maximum throughput capacity. The operator's ability to manage the demand forecast for future deliveries, as well as match up anticipated timing of receipt volumes, allows them to manage movement activity within their facility on time.

Crude 1st Purchaser

DoFort Crude 1st Purchaser enables your marketing / trading organization to manage purchase contracts from operators at the wellhead and integrate them into DoFort Division Order. The contract configuration formula allows for the capture of various modes of transportation costs in order to achieve a fully landed in cost at a given sales point. Sales contracts are also managed to balance commodity purchases and sales, as well as bulk contracts and outright buy / sell agreements. Take all of your purchase contracts and benchmark them using sales contracts or indices in various ways.

Right Of Way

DoFort Oil and Gas Right of Way (ROW) management software generates and tracks third-party consent documentation for companies across the energy spectrum. DoFort Energy Software Right of Way (ROW) provides the enterprise-grade ROW features you require while leveraging the technology you prefer.

Produced Salt Water Transportation

DoFort SaaS software allows service providers to track the accounting movement of produced saltwater during the gathering, transportation, and storage stages. For a complete water management solution, it is seamlessly integrated with DoFort Energy Software's financial accounting, right of way, and upstream operations modules.

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