Hospital and Medical CRM

Specifically created for use in the healthcare sector, Healthcare CRM is a customer relationship management system. Healthcare CRM combine data from several sources to give a thorough picture of patient behaviors and activities. Engaging, acquiring, and keeping patients are the main objectives of Healthcare CRM software. You may quickly find your patient's medical, payment, and behavioral history by investing in a healthcare CRM or medical CRM solution, which you can use to tailor messaging, enhance follow-up treatment, and increase customer happiness and loyalty. You can accomplish all of this, as well as streamline administrative processes for your practice, enhance patient care and administration, and enhance medical sales and marketing campaigns, with the use of a healthcare CRM or medical CRM.


Understand more about healthcare CRM that supports your hospice space. Get quick updates on all patients who come in and go out each day while providing good care without any carelessness. The DoFort Healthcare CRM software makes it simpler than ever to keep track of the doctors that are on your payroll. Medical CRM software for the healthcare industry is essential right now to guarantee patients' security and effective channeling and communication with hospital employees. The excellent treatment that patients receive from healthcare professionals is only one more step in that direction.

Benefits of Healthcare CRM

Automate resource management

Improve patient experience

Track and manage referral patients

Ensure 24/7 support

Automate post discharge support

Attract new patients

Collect feedback

Enhance the billing workflows

Ensure security and compliance

Facilitate outbound and internal communication

Role of DoFort Healthcare CRM

  • Enables the development and personalization of various patient health plans.
  • Allowing patients online access so they can adequately monitor their health problems
  • Effectively controlling and managing the healthcare activities, benefits, and expenditures while successfully operating as a record-keeping system.
  • Reports on the post-discharge follow-up procedures are given to patients.
  • Actively managing and keeping up preventive care email marketing initiatives.
  • Increasingly providing timely information about dangerous conditions, such as cancer.
  • Developing a single repository system to collect and sync PHI from various institutions.
  • Distributing and updating responsibilities to the nurses, core team, and administrative employees in the healthcare industry.
  • Creating unique reports with CRM software and comparing them to the ROI of all programmes that have been deployed.
  • Starting the segmentation process for the patients in order to target groups that are similar to them and build productive relationships with them.

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