ERP Software For Healthcare Industry

DoFort Healthcare Management System is a fully integrated Digital Healthcare platform, a distinctive, intelligent, secure, cloud-based platform for all software requirements of Hospitals/Clinics. Improve patient outcomes and save healthcare costs by integrating information to better plan, manage your organization, empower your team members, and develop evidence-based strategies. You can also better prepare for emerging healthcare delivery models, such as value-based care, while improving compliance throughout your business.

Best ERP Software for Healthcare Industry. DoFort Hospital Management System in US, Canada and, Brazil makes inventive Hospital Management in paperless environment. Hospital Management Software in US, Canada and, Brazil manages all the activities of management. It coordinates all the assets of the hospital with latest components and innovation into one incorporated software arrangement.

DoFort Online Software for Clinics/Hospitals assists doctors, clinics, and hospitals in providing exceptional healthcare. In the past, handling patient invoices and appointments in hospitals and clinics was a chaotic scene. Not any longer! A methodical approach has evolved over time since the introduction of DoFort Clinic Management Software. The best feature of the DoFort Clinic Management System is that it has decreased the use of paper by consolidating all vital data in one location. In terms of medical health records, doctors may easily coordinate with other departments. Because medications, bills, and other calculations are all kept digitally, the programme has helped save time. We offer the Clinic Management System makes it simple to keep track of appointments, bills, payments, and patient information. It is highly advised that your hospital implement the best practice management software for clinics, hospitals, and doctors. Because this is a delicate business, it's critical to use the correct Medical Practice Management Software to increase efficiency in the management of hospitals, clinics, and doctors, as well as to provide patients with prompt service.


The DoFort Medical Practice Management System has opened the way for a simple management procedure. Patient bills and electronic test reports are generated using our Medical Software for Labs and Pharmacies. Not only that, but doctors may also look up a patient's medical history and prescribe medications based on such information. DoFort Hospital Management Software serves you right as it helps you capture the right information in no time. Our Hospital Management Software System helps in issuing patient bills, keeps a track of the stocks, and reduces the use of paper, by sending the reports through emails and in the form of SMS. With DoFort Clinic Chain Management Software, you may simplify clinical operations in the most efficient way possible. Doctors no longer have to go through medical health records because this programme displays the records in an automated format. It even assists you in keeping track of inventory and distributing it appropriately.

DoFort Hospital Management System gives World Class latest Hospital Management Software in US, Canada and, Brazil which is perfect with all devices including cell phones, extraordinarily intended to replace manual systems from clinics, nursing homes, and Hospitals.

DoFort Hospital Management Software in US, Canada and, Brazil gives secluded ideas and adaptable which enables you to pick modules as per your necessities. Hospital Management System in US, Canada and, Brazil offers different modules which are beneficial for your hospital management.

Modules of DoFort Hospital Management System in US, Canada and, Brazil

  • patient

    Patient Management

  • doctor

    Doctor Management

  • opd

    OPD Management

  • ipd

    IPD Management

  • ot

    OT Management

  • pathology

    Pathology/Radiology Management

  • Pharmacy

    Pharmacy Management

  • Inventory

    Inventory Management

  • Dental

    Dental Management

  • Gynecology

    Gynecology Management

  • Paediatric

    Paediatric Management

  • Eye

    Ophthalmology Management

  • Blood Bank

    Blood Bank Management

  • HR Payroll

    HR Payroll

  • Ambulance

    Ambulance Management

  • Queue

    Queue Management

  • TPA Services

    TPA Services

  • Machine Interface

    Machine Interface

  • MIS Report

    MIS Report

  • Patient Mobile App

    Patient Mobile App

Hospital Managment Software

Benefits of DoFort Hospital Management System in US, Canada and, Brazil

Technology has given advanced features to the Hospital management system in order to establish convenience and comfort.

  • Automated Alerts & Notifications
  • One-Click Reports
  • Multilevel Reports (Branch, Item, Batch, Location, Supplier, etc.)
  • Supports Various Insurance Cards
  • Easily Set Up Cosmetic promotions
  • Dynamic point redemption
  • Manage Redemption points, Gifts, Coupons, etc.
  • Customizable Software
  • Real-time Appointment Scheduling
  • Remote Access, Anytime

What DoFort offers in Hospital management Software?

DoFort Healthcare ERP Software offers the following features to help you manage a well-organized health care environment.

Improved Visibility and Transparency : Improved visibility and transparency in the hospital's whole management system and record-keeping operations.

Streamline Accurate Reporting : The efficient and exact record keeping function lends a helpful hand in simplifying the reporting method.

Improved Customer Service : With the aid of advanced customer care features, the customer service facility has been enhanced.

Improved Quality Control : Provides you with complete quality control over the services provided by the hospital.

Management improved Visibility : All of the hospital's records are accessible with a single click. Manage your patient information, doctor's records, and medications. Any department may readily access all records.

Limitless User Help : It provides unlimited user support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for any assistance necessary by the customer.

Single Data Base Management System : Allows you to store all of your organization's data in a single database, which improves productivity, lowers costs, simplifies infrastructure, and aids in various reporting.

Improved Time Management : Time management is simplified, and data or information may be accessed with a single click.

Ease of Access to System Facilities : Only authorised users should have improved access to management system facilities, which should be kept secure from unauthorised users.


DoFort Hospital ERP Solution, offers simplified operations, superior patient care, cost control, and, most significantly, improved and secure administration and control. Our HMS (Hospital Management system) is strong, interactive, user-friendly, and versatile, and it was built to provide genuine benefits to hospitals of all sizes, from multispecialty hospitals to tiny clinics.

In terms of Management modules, our HMS (Hospital Management system) covers a wide variety of hospital administration and management functions. It is a comprehensive end-to-end Hospital Information Management ERP System that delivers essential information across the hospital. It successfully supports decision-making for patient care and hospital management in a streamlined manner.

Dofort ERP for Hospital Management software is robust and ensures total data security. It was created with today's challenging requirements and the importance of TIME. It employs a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly access the information. The hospital software was created in a completely Internet/Intranet setting and is compatible with all browsers.

DoFort is a robust Hospital Management System that offers end-to-end customer service as well as a very good facility for entering information and managing records, eliminating mistakes. It may be used either cloud or On-premises

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In this technically up graded era, it is necessary to run along with the modern amenities that ease your work and time. What if it increases the efficiency and productivity too??

DoFort is the most comprehensive web-based practice and patient management system. This simple software solution in the software industry has set a high standard among the healthcare management software in US, Canada and, Brazil.

DoFort is considered as the most complete Healthcare management software in US, Canada and, Brazil which constitute following solutions to meet every need of a clinic or medical centre.

Healthcare CRM Software

Investing in a healthcare or medical CRM solution in the US, Canada and Brazil allows you to quickly locate your patient's medical, payment, and behavioural information, which you can use to personalise messaging, improve follow-up care, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. In the face of ever-changing insurance coverage rules that cause unrest and confusion, not to mention the added pressure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on patient engagement and communication is especially important.


When it comes to adopting effective digital communication channels to keep up with consumer-driven demand for a better customer experience, the healthcare industry is years behind the global standard. The challenge is to use cutting-edge technology to boost personalization through marketing automation while maintaining a human touch and reducing security risks. With a medical CRM in the US, Canada and Brazil you can streamline your institution's administrative tasks, improve patient care and management, and improve medical sales and marketing initiatives.

A healthcare CRM in the US, Canada and Brazil allows you to keep track of and update information for all of your patients on a single platform. This not only gives you a complete picture of your patients and their preferences, but it also prevents you and your team from logging data on multiple platforms.

Benefits of a Healthcare CRM

  • Prospective and current patients are profiled holistically
  • Referring provider management that is outcome-oriented
  • Communication with patients prior to and after treatment is made easier
  • Patient experience that can be measured
  • Automated notifications and warnings have improved chronic disease management
  • Personalization of web content depending on interactions between the website, CRM, and EHR Email marketing automation
  • Errors in diagnosis and medical treatment are being reduced
  • Patient medical records, data, and dashboards are all available to you at any time
  • A sophisticated method for getting the most precise feedback from employees and patients

Here are some key features of our hospital management software:

Patient Management: Hospital management software provides a centralized database to manage patient information, including medical history, appointments, prescriptions, and billing. You can access patient records from anywhere, at any time, and ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

Appointment Scheduling: With Hospital management software, you can schedule appointments for patients, manage waiting lists, and automate reminders. This helps reduce no-shows and ensures that patients are seen in a timely and organized manner.

Billing and Invoicing: Hospital management software simplifies billing and invoicing processes, allowing you to generate invoices, track payments, and manage accounts with ease. This ensures that your financial operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Electronic Health Records (EHR): Hospital management software provides a secure and user-friendly platform to manage electronic health records. You can track patient health information, including medical history, lab reports, and imaging data, all in one place.

Analytics and Reporting: Hospital management software generates reports and analytics that provide insights into key performance indicators, such as patient satisfaction, appointment scheduling, and financial performance. This helps you make informed decisions and improve operations.

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Hospital Management System (HMS)


Benefits of Hospital management system


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