Manufacturing Management

The manufacturing module assists manufacturers in planning production and ensuring that they have everything they need for planned production runs, such as raw materials and machinery capacity. During the manufacturing process, it can update the status of goods-in-process and assist businesses in tracking actual output versus forecasted output. It also provides a live view of the shop floor, capturing data on items in progress and finished goods. It can compute the average time to manufacture an item and then compare supply to forecasted demand to plan adequate production. The Manufacturing Execution System tracks, collects, and monitors precise data about the manufacturing process. It encourages data collection, product tracking, and quality control and resource management.

DoFort Production module helps for manufacturers to manufacture and distribute products in timely fashion. This module consists of functionalities like production planning, machine scheduling, material usage and preparation. It tracks daily production progress and actual production reporting.

Product Data Management
Product data management helps to find the correct data quickly, improve productivity & reduce cycle times, reduce development errors & costs, meet business & regulatory requirements, optimize operation resources and provide the visibility needed for better business decision making.

Shop Floor Management
Shop floor management helps to increase operational efficiency through standardization of operations, reduction in occurrence of errors in work, revealing loopholes in production or processes and increase productivity of staff.

Stock Notifications
Stock notifications feature helps to receive alerts and notifications when there’s over or under stocking beyond a defined threshold. This helps you to place orders or offer promotional discounts to clear out extra stock.

Requirement Planning
Requirement planning enables you to manage various areas of your supply chain much more effectively, such as inventory, production, and output. It provides the visibility and action recommendations required for efficient procurement and production scheduling.

Quality Management
Quality module helps to Implement the best practices and improve the business processes, reducing amount of rework and increasing customer confidence. The quality management ensures that customers are satisfied by meeting their requirements and, as a result, increases the customer's confidence.

Product Costing
Product Costing helps to find the value of internal cost of products and It is used for profitability and management accounting for production. It helps in estimating the cost of goods sold manufactured and COGS of each for each product unit.

Key Features & Benefits

Integrate manufacturing strategies to improve your competitiveness.

Manage all manufacturing modes with a single enterprise-wide system.

Enable quick transitions to different modes as you add or change product lines or tactics.

Simultaneously integrate all of your facilities regardless of which mode or modes they use.


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