ERP Software for Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is associated with a significant concentration of small to midsized fabrication enterprises that service larger manufacturers in a variety of industries, such as automotive, electronics, and construction. A single metal fabricator could make components and subassemblies for customers in all of these industries, who make products with vastly varied end applications. DoFort ERP is an ERP system for metal manufacturing enterprises. The requirement to meet diverse client preferences in the manner components are delivered is one of the most significant issues metal fabrication companies confront. A custom manufacturer, for example, may require metal fabrication services to complete a design-to-order job. This implies the fabricator will require a flexible procedure that allows for accurate cost estimations and frequent design modifications, frequently in the middle of the manufacturing process.

By automating and integrating business processes and improving management information, you can manage production costs, product quality, and on-time delivery with DoFort Metal fabrication software. Discover how DoFort specialized manufacturing solutions can give you a 360-degree view of what's going on in your firm, from the front office to the factory floor. As a maker of fabricated metal goods, you understand that success is contingent on effectively managing your complicated supply chain, partnering with clients to design the most effective products, and adhering to quality, tolerance, and material criteria. You must also provide a comprehensive spectrum of services from design to delivery, as well as maintain flexibility in order to meet changing capacity requirements while maintaining effective continuous replenishment systems.

Features of DoFort Metal Fabrication Software

Integration of CAD

As a result, you'll be able to generate precise quotations and BOMs based on CAD drawings supplied by you or your customer. Any modifications made during production can also be reflected in your material needs and instructions thanks to CAD integration.

Quotes that are adaptable

Calculate expenses based on material requirements, labor needs, and other overheads. As material costs and personnel demands vary, you can update those costs from project to task.

Bill of materials

Built-in BOM software allows you to specify the materials, parts, and subassemblies for each product to both internal and external stakeholders.

Organizing your workload

As a result, you can plan production based on real-time raw material availability and machine capacity, and adjust your schedule as needed if anything changes throughout the manufacturing process.

Material resource planning (MRP)

Calculate your exact material needs to cut down on waste and save money. Then, to run a seamless metal fabrication production operation, combine this information with your personnel availability and machine workload capacity planning.

Benefits of Metal Fabrication Software

Batch Traceability

Inventory Control

Drawings Control

Calculate Hours on Job

Product Configurator

Planning and Scheduling

Finance and Accounting


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