Manufacturing Software for Plastics and Rubber Industry

As the desire for better quality, affordability, and efficiency grows, the rubber and plastics business is rapidly evolving. Rubber and plastics producers are looking for new methods to add value to their service offerings, such as assembly or packaging, as a result of disruptive technologies like 3D printing. Manufacturers in this industry encounter seasonal and economic demand constraints. As a result, demand forecasting is a must-have for efficient production processes.

The plastics manufacturing business has complex processes and can present a confusing array of issues. ERP software is essential for reducing stress and improving the ability to deal with issues. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a collection of programmes that work together to form an integrated system for an entire industry. As the production of plastics continues to rise, manufacturers are under increasing pressure to differentiate themselves from the competition, keep up with industry trends, and meet customer demands. Manual processes, spreadsheets, and sticky notes are no longer adequate for today's rubber and plastics manufacturers. Businesses that use enterprise resource planning (ERP) software gain greater control over their operations, allowing them to increase their bottom line. DoFort ERP is an excellent choice for manufacturers of plastics and rubber. DoFort supports complex business processes and offers industry-specific features to drive significant improvements.

Today's leading rubber and plastics firms are using DoFort ERP software to improve their production process in order to overcome these obstacles. DoFort ERP Software for Rubber and Plastic Manufacturing is a tried-and-true solution for production companies that specialize in injection molding, thermal forming, extrusion, and other sophisticated manufacturing processes.

  • With real-time actionable visibility into plant and company processes, you can improve operational effectiveness.
  • Manage the design, prototyping, and manufacturing of complicated goods in order to meet new client needs.
  • Improve cost control and management of major cost factors to reduce waste.
  • Real-time performance statistics and the possibility to remove manual data collecting will help you get the most out of your equipment.
  • Improve your bottom line by managing your supply chains on a regular basis.

Plastic has become a popular material for everyday things, and the business has thrived as a result. The supply chain is broken down into various segments and can be quite complicated. DoFort ERP Software can handle anything from injection molding to extrusion molding to thermoforming. It's a unified system that incorporates factory management, accounting, estimating, and customer relationship management into a single platform. With modules for practically every company operation, DoFort ERP is designed to make your plastic manufacturing more productive and paperless. DoFort ERP is a user-friendly platform that includes all of the traceability, inventory control, and barcoding features that the manufacturing industry need. Plastics ERP links the administration of many business processes to eliminate human labor and streamline existing operations. It's a method of increasing productivity while keeping everyone on the same page. Building and tracking these processes is the focus of plastic manufacturing ERP systems. DoFort ERP serves as a central hub for all of your operations: use it to centralize records and track your team's progress in real time with dashboards across locations to track productivity and profitability.

Why to Choose DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software?

  • Product Quality Has Been Stabilized
  • Automate the manufacturing control process.
  • Control an illegitimate production schedule.
  • Management of the workforce that work
  • Removes the possibility of human mistake
  • Production Scheduling that is Accurate

Features of DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software

System for Real-Time Production Monitoring

With DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software, you can track data easily and automatically from work centers, as well as update production schedules and inventories in real time.

Material Bills of Materials with Multiple Levels (BOM)

DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software is pre-configured for tool and die-based plastics manufacturing, and it incorporates important interdependencies.

Graphical Scheduling Tool with Drag-and-Drop

DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software's drag-and-drop graphical scheduling tool ensures effective resource planning throughout the supply chain by displaying the whole production schedule as well as variables that affect capacity.

Functionality of Multi-Tools and Family Tools

The technology is designed to interpret numerous part numbers within the same physical tool, making family tools simple to use.

Features of Regrinding and Consumption

Raw resources that aren't in the master inventory can be added and consumed. Scrap rates, regrind usage, flash, and runner/sprue options for material consumption are all features of DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software.

Bills of Materials for Specific Industries (BOM)

Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software by DoFort Injection moulders, blow moulders, extruders, compounders, and thermoformers, as well as die casting and stamping, can all benefit from pre-defined BOMs.

Management of the Shelf Life

Track and move inventory with characteristics that limit shelf life, such as moisture content, potency, pH, and colour, with DoFort Plastics and Rubber ERP Manufacturing Software. The inventory is automatically identified as non-conforming once the shelf life has expired, and electronic alerts are sent out.


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