Procurement Management

The procurement module, also known as the purchasing module, assists an organization in obtaining the materials or products it requires to produce and/or sell goods. This module allows companies to keep a list of approved vendors and link those vendors to specific items, assisting with supplier relationship management. The module can automate quote requests and then track and analyse the responses. The procurement module assists the purchasing department in preparing and sending out purchase orders after a company accepts a quote. It can then track that purchase order as the seller converts it to a sales order and ships the goods, updating inventory levels automatically as the order arrives.

DoFort Procurement management module helps to accelerating and automating the procurement and supply process, as well as cutting operational cost. Our solution is widely used by modern organisations to centralise and manage procurement activities such as issuing and approving purchase requests, gathering and evaluating proposals, issuing purchase orders, approving invoices, storing information about suppliers and deals, and analysing procurement information.

Requisition and Quote Management
Purchase requisition helps to keep track of what’s needed, by whom, and when and it clearly communicate the details of a purchase. Purchase requisition ensures transparency and cost savings.

Order Management
Order management help you to monitor the progress of every purchase order in real-time. It will help you streamline your purchase order management processes and avoid issues and blockages that have the potential to cause disruptions to your business operations.

Approval Work Flow
Approval workflow helps to streamline purchasing process and its cutting out tedious manual routing, data collection and reporting. Approval workflow automation is about finding your balance between efficiency and control.

Receipt Routing
Receipt routing enables you to monitor the status of the items that you receive and determine when the items will be available to distribute.

Supplier Management
Supplier management enables to assessing suppliers’ contributions and influence on success, determining tactics to maximize suppliers’ performance and developing the strategic approach for executing on these determinations. It helps to create positive buyer-supplier relationships and determines which activities to engage in with each supplier.

Key Features & Benefits

Maximize margins and optimize inventory levels.

Minimize supply chain disruptions, and effectively manage subcontractors.

Manage orders and review and approve requisitions.

Manage inbound inventory, and track supplier performance.

Real-time access to inventory levels and expected deliveries.

Projected demand and buying decisions.


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