Project Management Software

DoFort Project management software is used by a variety of businesses to plan projects, allocate resources, and schedule them. DoFort Project management software allows project managers and entire teams to keep track of their budgets, quality management, and all project-related data. Our Project Management Software allows project stakeholders to collaborate more easily. Our project management software is robust and dynamic dashboard allows users to retrieve and handle data more quickly. The interactive dashboard can be tailored to the users' specific responsibilities and goals. DoFort project management software enables a business to effectively validate leads, conduct a feasibility study, budget accurately, and deliver proposals on time. It enables the user to efficiently and profitably handle all processes such as material, labor, tools and equipment, subcontracts, and operational overheads. The engineer can utilize the intelligent work-breakdown-structure to understand the costs connected with each step of the project and handle it separately in accordance with the budget.

Project management module help business in tracking of all project billings, retention, and cost statuses. Building and construction are project-based industries that require a clear overview of resource management for each project. Users can monitor the progress of all projects using the Project management module. As a result, you can effectively manage work allocation (job location, nature of work, contact of assigned team members/leader, and worker attendance tracking) and required inventories (materials, owned/hired assets), as well as raise requests, make approvals, and monitor project status while on the go. The project management module also assists in calculating the required budgets, allocating costs, and automatically calculating the profitability of each project/project scope. You can easily monitor each project's finances and make timely adjustments based on the estimation and calculation to avoid overbidding or under-quoting a project.

Project Management helps to control and proactively manage projects from conception through completion. It collaborates and meets goals on time while managing resources and cost. It manages estimation and planning, scheduling, cost control, resource allocation, decision making, time management and quality management.

Project Costing
It provides real time in-depth visibility to all project and billing with original budget amounts, current costs, cost projections and percentage completed.

Planning and Scheduling
It enables assigning tasks to team members and setting priorities and deadlines. Adding due dates to tasks automatically sends a notification each time the scheduled completion date approaches and the activity is still incomplete.

Contract Billing
It calculates invoices accurately according to business rules you define and gives the flexibility to meet the diverse terms and billing methods of contracts.

Key Features & Benefits

Control and proactively manage project costs and billing from conception through completion.

View project budget and actual amounts and proactively manage project costs.

Bill accurately to the terms of contracts and service agreements to optimize cash flow.

Automate the change-order approval process to expedite billing and document variations from the original project plan.

Calculate invoices accurately according to business rules defined.

Recognize revenue independent of the billing process and by multiple methods including "flat-line," milestone, and percent complete.

Apply business rules associated with retainage or "not to exceed" limits.

Functions of Project Management Software



A project manager (PM) can use the programme to map project activities and visually explain task interactions to build a project timeline.


Tasks, deadlines, and status reports can all be created and assigned.

Collaboration &
Document Sharing

A central document store that project stakeholders can access boosts productivity.


Contact &
Calendar Sharing

Project timelines should automatically update across all PM and stakeholder calendars, including scheduled meetings, activity dates, and contacts.

Error &
Bug Handling

Bug and error reporting, examining, informing, and updating for stakeholders is made easier using project management software.


Software should be able to manage time for all jobs and save records for outside consultants.

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