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DoFort Real Estate CRM provides you with the ability to effectively handle all aspects of your business, ranging from nurturing leads to finalizing deals. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing spreadsheets and using multiple tools. DoFort is a comprehensive solution designed to assist real estate professionals of any scale in acquiring more clients and achieving optimal success.

Empower Your Team with Real-Time Visibility

DoFort Real Estate CRM empowers teams by centralizing customer data, offering real-time updates, and facilitating communication and collaboration. DoFort Real Estate CRM provides deep customer insights through real-time analytics and automates routine tasks, ensuring consistency and reducing errors. Performance tracking with real-time dashboards helps monitor KPIs, while integration with other tools offers a comprehensive view of customer interactions. Mobile accessibility ensures teams can access and update information on the go, enhancing responsiveness and service quality.


DoFort Real Estate CRM: Automate Your Way to More Deals in a Competitive Market

DoFort Real Estate CRM provides you with the necessary tools to succeed in the highly competitive, booming real estate market. With its automation and intelligent features, you can efficiently close more deals, streamline operations, and foster long-term client relationships. This user-friendly and scalable platform enables you to embrace automation, reach the right audience, and empower your team to achieve greater success.

Features of DoFort Real Estate CRM

Segmentation and Contact Management

Capabilities for Lead Nurturing

Website Lead Generation & Capture

Lead Scoring as a Method of Identifying High-Value Customers

Exceptional Email Management

Automation of Workflows

Agent Support throughout the Day

Prioritize Existing Customers

Arrange Site Visits

Follow-Ups, Discussion & Quotations

Benefits of Real Estate CRM

Create Integrated Marketing Solutions

Facilitate Checklist Management

Customer Profiling

Advanced Security Features

Automate Business Processes for Efficiency

Standardize Approval Workflows

Simplify Document Generation

Boost Lead Generation Efforts

Notifications & Alerts

Intelligent Insights & Reports

Tracking Sales Activities


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