Restaurant CRM Software

The most crucial part of every business is its customers. They play a critical part in deciding a restaurant's success in the restaurant sector. As a result, it's critical to pay close attention to how you communicate with and manage them. At the same time, keeping old clients happy while gaining new ones is what keeps the company going. Customer relationship management for restaurants in the food and beverage industry includes the following categories:

  • Point of the sales contract
  • Ordering food through the internet
  • System of evaluation and rating
  • Discounts are available based on the customer's purchase history.
  • Your restaurant's online presence
  • Marketing leads, both direct and indirect
  • Marketing campaigns on social media

A restaurant needs a CRM system to communicate with existing customers and learn from their comments and survey replies in order to do this. Because customer retention is difficult, restaurants should seek for technology to help them bridge the gap. The restaurant CRM module in DoFort may collect all customer information that can be used to grow your business. Restaurant CRM software aids restaurant operators in connecting with consumers and providing a pleasant experience. It assists you in maintaining a centralized database of guest information, both for walk-ins and those who have placed an online order. By merging guest data with targeted marketing efforts, DoFort Restaurant CRM software helps restaurants personalize the guest experience and increase repeat business.


When it comes to getting to know your clients and providing service at scale, a restaurant CRM is essential. You're not just in the food business as a restaurateur. You're also in the hospitality industry. A restaurant-specific customer relationship management system is your secret weapon for knowing what your customers want and generating memorable dining experiences. When your restaurant CRM is integrated with other software, such as your POS system, you gain access to valuable data that may help you make better business decisions, customize service, improve your loyalty programme, and keep customers coming back for more.


Benefits of Using DoFort Restaurant CRM Software

Track Customer Behavior

Boost Customer Retention

Get Real-Time Customer Feedback

Run Loyalty Programs Easily

Automate Your Marketing Emails

Bringing together key customer information

Keeping consumer information safe

Customer behavior and ordering trends should be understood

Trends in sales analysis

Assisting with targeted marketing initiatives

Increasing sales

Assisting you in providing individualized service

Increasing the effectiveness of restaurant upselling and cross-selling


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