CRM for Retail Management

The retail sector has grown significantly during the past ten or so years. It's safe to state that many well-known brands and smaller companies often operate online retail stores! On the other hand, it's not always simple to keep track of all the admin for your internet store. Therefore, in order to save money, it can be beneficial to look for a Retail CRM for your organization. The greatest Retail CRM software is available from DoFort for usage in the sector. You can maximize the usefulness and selling potential of your retail network by using Retail CRM software. You may increase unit sales by working closely and regularly with your merchants to increase product visibility.


Retailers may accomplish it thanks to features in the DoFort Retail CRM platform. Programs help businesses keep track of client activity inside their stores and build stronger, more intimate bonds with loyal patrons. Specific characteristics like the following make this benefit of relationship management possible:

  • Customer profiles: Compile and add contact details, birthdays, and other vital details for fostering relationships.
  • Purchase history: Keep track of how often and how much you spend on purchases, as well as receive an overview of specific things you've bought.
  • Contact management: Personalize marketing outreach based on prior effective outreach while automating it across many platforms.
  • Loyalty programme: Sign up clients for a programme and help them manage their points and/or incentives.

Role of Retail CRM


Retail CRM is mainly focused on encouraging numerous instances of repeat purchases in a professional setting while providing support to clients on any scale. Using a retail CRM software with a smart and dynamic design, you may acquire information about your customers from the database and utilize the information to sell more, give customer happiness, promote persuasively, achieve cost savings, and increase organizational performance overall. Retail CRM enables businesses to determine when it would be ideal to get in touch with a specific customer again and what they are most likely looking for. Retail CRM software offers real-time insights and statistics to assist you in managing specific clients.

Features of DoFort Retail CRM Software

Contact Management

Interaction Tracking

Lead Management

Workflow Management

Management of Documents

Analytics and Reporting


Employee tracking

Social media Marketing

Email Marketing

Reporting & Analytics


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