Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management is a centralized platform for managing orders from all sales channels, from receipt to delivery. It monitors their progress as they are delivered to customers. This ensures that orders are delivered on time and that no orders are lost. Sales Order Management offers a centralized platform for increased efficiency, improved customer service, and management of all sales channels. The Order Management module provides visibility and service availability by tracking orders and managing people and data associated with them. Advanced sales order management applications can assist a company in determining the most cost-effective option for fulfilling an order based on available inventory and the buyer's location, for example from a store vs. a warehouse vs. a third-party fulfilment partner.

DoFort Order Management helps to control the process between a customer placing an order and the product going out for delivery. It provides many features such as customer and item preference profiles, on-line inventory availability, flexible pricing and discounting, order and line status tracking and recurring orders. It enables you to streamline order processing and maintain visibility and control of order tracking throughout the order lifecycle.

Fulfil Management
Fulfil management module help you to optimize delivery by prioritizing orders according to rules and service level information. It allows customers to prioritize and allocate inventory. Users can review inventory levels, customer orders, priorities and then allocate inventory to customer orders.

Agreement Management
Sales agreement module provides a method to document and track the terms, products, quantities, amounts and penalties on each of your agreement with business partner. It provides complete information access of variety of agreement and online statements that enable you to quickly compare the agreement.

Advanced Pricing
Pricing module helps to maintain flexible pricing schedules for customers and suppliers using pricing adjustment setup capabilities for promotional discount, quantity levels and effective dates. It protects profit margins and manages rebates and volume based discounts.

Sales Configurator helps your customers understand their needs and convert them into attributes that can be used to calculate and configure product recommendations. It automates the selection and configuration of highly complex products by providing fully integrated front-end sales and quote entry with back-end fulfilment operations and manufacturing systems.

Automate the approval process for simple or sophisticated business requests including deal discount, margin hold and credit hold. Workflow provides automation of business processes that consist of sequence of tasks, activities and steps. Workflows help to manage task dependency and to send notifications in mailbox about pending actions.

Key Features & Benefits

Coordinate order management across multiple channels and customer service and distribution centers.

Manage complex, overlapping pricing scenarios.

Increase revenue through higher order fill rates.

Cross-selling, up-selling, and the ability to execute pricing and promotions accurately.

Improve profit margins through profit margin protection controls and reduced order-entry costs.

Organise orders for the warehouse picking team and delivery team.

Update stock levels across all systems including your online sales channels.

Track the order process for customers and employees.

Handle complex pricing structures so all channels and/or customers can receive unique pricing.

Communicate with sales and company reporting tools to offer stock and sales forecasts.

Integrate with all other business processes such as accounts, payments, invoicing.


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