Tax Management

DoFort Tax Management Software is a must-have for every company looking to improve its financial health and stability. DoFort Tax Management Software is a VAT-enabled solution that enables businesses to efficiently handle billing and accounting, cash flow, auditing, MIS reporting, and real-time financial analysis. The VAT accounting software may be used by any small, medium, or large business because it is a simple, methodical, and user-friendly programme. We have the best Tax Management Software that is tailor-made to match the needs of various businesses. It is the best Tax Management Software for assisting businesses in managing their transactions digitally and documenting them on a central server for real-time analysis and evaluation. Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, inbuilt APIs, Intelligent Architecture, Centralized Server, and the ability to interact with third-party apps are just a few of the advanced features and tools included in our Tax Management Software.

Configure tax rates, execute tax accounting, and generate tax reports all in one location using DoFort Tax Management Software. Our Tax Management software will also link with financial management modules, allowing you to appropriately calculate taxes in each transaction. DoFort Tax Management automates and streamlines the procedures associated with tax configuration, collection, management, and reporting. Our Tax Management Software connects with the rest of the DoFort Financial Management suite, allowing you to centralize your tax data and quickly generate the tax filing reports you need.

Tax management module help your business to calculate tax for the following types of taxes:

  • Sales and use tax
  • Customs and duties calculation
  • Value-added tax (VAT)
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Communications tax
  • Excise tax
  • Consumer use tax
  • Lodging tax
  • Beverage Alcohol tax

A comprehensive Tax module consists of GST, VAT, Service Tax, etc. are embedded in most of the processes such as purchases, sales, logistics, contract billing, service billing, etc. It helps business getting more work done with lesser workforce and also gives accurate reporting. It covers all business scenarios and accurate tax classification of master data sources, can reduce the time and cost of running a safe and efficient Tax compliance function.

VAT accounting software enables a business to achieve the key objectives of a consolidated and intelligent finance management platform. The following are the main objectives:

  • Dedicated Server
  • Work and access from anywhere
  • Inexpensive and intuitive
  • Observing the Regulations
  • Multiple Locations, Branches, and Companies to Manage
  • Bank Reconciliation Made Simple
  • Cheque, PDC, Payments, Receivables, Outstanding, SOA, and Credit Limits Management Made Simple
  • VAT-enabled
  • Approved by FTA
  • Instant Financial Data Overview
  • Platform that is simple to use
  • Synchronization in Real-Time
  • Data Extraction
  • Business Perspectives
  • Tailor-made
  • Alert and notification system that is both intelligent and interactive

Key Benefits of Tax Management Software

  • Increased Time Savings
  • Cost-effective
  • Configure Taxes the Way You Want
  • Offset Automatically with Accounts Payable
  • High Accuracy with Minimal errors
  • Easy Record Keeping of Taxes
  • Integrate with Financial Modules
  • Automation of Reports and Analysis

Features of Tax Management Software

  • General data and administration
  • Main Tax areas
  • Flexible Platform
  • Entity data and legal ownership structure
  • Gathering the required information
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Analyzing Tax figures
  • Risk Management, Tax Compliance and Tax Transparency

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