5 Essential Features of a Manufacturing ERP System

5 Essential Features of a Manufacturing ERP System

Manufacturing plants have a number of complex processes, all of which are equally important for businesses to thrive. Visibility into all of these aspects is nearly impossible without the proper tools, which manufacturing applications provide. Choosing the best manufacturing ERP system for your business can be difficult. Here are five essential features of enterprise resource planning software that will improve the functionality of all business activities.

Robust Inventory Tracking

Manufacturing plants handle raw materials as well as finished goods inventory. Raw material management is the process of keeping track of all appropriate material required to ensure that the business's manufacturing processes run smoothly. Finished goods inventory, on the other hand, includes products that the manufacturing plant has produced and must be managed to keep track of how and when they will be transported to warehouses or customers.

Many manufacturing plants face difficulties in this area because these two processes must be synchronised to avoid inappropriate or insufficient production, which would result in customer dissatisfaction, waste, and other losses to the business. Keeping an eye on these manually is nearly impossible. This necessitates the use of powerful ERP software capable of tracking complete inventory. The automated application would assist in reducing human errors and improving inventory management such as raw material re-ordering needs or tracking the delivery dates of finished goods, etc., allowing your manufacturing plant to run smoothly.

Effective Distribution Planning

To forecast production needs, the manufacturing industry requires access to both historical and real-time data. This is possible if all of your company's data is stored in a centralised database provided by an ERP system to allow for easy and effective management.

In addition, an ideal manufacturing ERP software must include modern analytics and business intelligence (BI) features to provide comprehensive monitoring for various operations in the plant to ensure that all inventories are accurate and appropriate for current manufacturing and delivery scheduling levels.

Active Quality Control

Quality management is one of the critical areas in a manufacturing plant that requires close attention. Manufacturing flaws in the finished product can cost a company not only money, but also its reputation. As a result, your ERP solution must include quality management features. This would enable you to establish and actively maintain desired levels of quality throughout the manufacturing process. Managers receive alerts whenever products fail to meet the standards, allowing them to act quickly and resolve the problem, usually before an entire lot is completed.

Process Automation

Automation saves time while also eliminating human error. It contributes to the release of administrative hours that can be invested in higher-return activities. The ERP software you select must be capable of integrating all operations in your manufacturing plant, including quality control, manufacturing, bill of materials (BOM) management, purchase and sales records, stock and human resource management, and so on. The streamlined processes enable businesses to have better control over all practises in their establishments by providing access to real-time data.


ERP software is more than just a system that manufacturers require to organise their day-to-day operations. It is a tool that provides businesses with capabilities that allow them to remain competitive. DoFort provides the Best Manufacturing ERP Software to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry. Contact our manufacturing ERP expert to know more or to schedule the demo.


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