Best Real Estate CRM Software

Best Real Estate CRM Software – What Features you should look for

Some industries such as real estate have unique requirements that must be considered when choosing the best real estate CRM software. To understand how to select the best real estate CRM software, it is recommended that you should look into the features of real estate CRM software. Here we have explained the features of the best real estate CRM software

Features for effective contact management

Because the real estate business is all about contacts, make this feature a top priority. The real estate CRM software should include a solid contact management platform that can be customized to classify people as referring agents, partners, competitors, leads, and clients.

Moreover, the real estate CRM software should allow you to categorize clients further. You should be able to distinguish between cold and warm leads, current and past clients, and satisfied and extremely satisfied clients. These tags are essential when creating ranked referrer tiers to generate more leads. For example, when selling to new buyers in an area, you can use your real estate CRM software to find highly satisfied clients in that area to back up your pitch, or you can group the cold leads into one small meeting to save money. In contrast, you should schedule a personalized one-on-one meeting with your warm leads.

Effective list management

Listings are your bread and butter, so prioritize this feature when researching real estate CRM software. It should allow you to create a list based on offers, deals, dates, third parties, events, commissions, and transactional stages by customising database fields. Similarly, the CRM software should enable you to generate or attach service reports, property details, and transaction documents to the listing. In short, you should have a comprehensive list that includes relevant and important documents. This should provide you with a quick overview of all your transactions and allow you to track your progress.

Excellent email marketing platform

Email marketing is essential for any business so ensure that the real estate CRM software has a robust email system. Although social media is the toast of today's real estate CRM software, email marketing can benefit real estate more. Purchasing real estate is a serious decision, and people view email as a more professional platform than social media. The real estate CRM software’s email tool should include (or allow you to create) features such as pre-designed drip email campaigns for various contacts, a monthly real estate newsletter.

Compatibility with widely used platforms

You or your agents may already be familiar with productivity tools such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs for managing reports. To ensure a smooth transition, your real estate CRM software should be compatible with these tools. Requiring agents to learn new software may waste time and impede sales momentum. To connect the system with familiar productivity tools, they should only need to learn a few real estate CRM software fundamentals.

Another important factor in ensuring smooth real estate CRM software adoption by your staff is to ensure that the software is simple to use even for non-technical users. Assume that your future real estate agents will have little technical knowledge, and choose real estate CRM software with plug-and-play features, and user-friendly graphical dashboards.

Mobile capability (cloud-hosted, web-based, online)

Real estate agents, who are almost always on the road or in the field, will benefit greatly from real estate CRM software with a mobile version. That means the real estate CRM software should ideally be in the cloud to maximize mobility while minimizing costs (on-premise real estate CRM software can also include a mobile platform, but it is more capital-intensive). The real estate CRM software mobile platform, like productivity tools, should be at least compatible with the most popular mobile operating systems for smartphones and tablets: iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Additionally, look for control options. For example, giving an agent access to sales reports but preventing him from downloading or forwarding the documents, or restricting access to financial statements while in the field.


Real estate agents work in a competitive industry. Real estate CRM software can help them stay ahead of the competition, but only if the tools are tailored to their specific requirements. Keep the features listed above in mind, and you'll be well on your way to reaping the full real estate CRM software benefits for real estate. DoFort provides the Best Real Estate CRM Software. Contact our sales team to schedule a free demo today to know how DoFort’s real estate CRM software can benefit your business.


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