ERP for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing functioning have eccentric and specialized needs when it comes to software. Software which is designed specifically with formula-based manufacturers in mind will not only increase efficiency but it will help to save your chemical manufacturing business time and money.

DoFort Chemical manufacturing system will help your business to streamline the operations and bring your products to market, faster and more cost efficiently. DoFort Chemical ERP software is a checklist, resource, and order management program which is designed for chemical manufacturers. DoFort ERP for chemical manufacturing industries will provide high security, compliance, and sensitive material handling requirements in this industry.

Chemical manufacturers have to track production at the recipe level rather than just the traditional bill of material. DoFort Chemical manufacturing system will help to track and provide guidelines for your master recipes. DoFort will provide accurate document precisely what materials were used, especially if they are different from standard recipes. Detailed tracking is available in DoFort Chemical manufacturing software systems.

Biggest challenges in the Chemical Industry are having:

Accurate measurements




Reactions of raw materials

Advantages of ERP for Chemical Manufacturing

1. Formulation

By using DoFort Chemical Manufacturing Software, you will get the ability to establish and maintain a formula management system. DoFort Chemical Manufacturing Software will also help to track both the number of raw materials on hand and in order to minimize material costs while meeting strict production deadlines.

When it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of chemicals, you can’t afford to be off by even a fraction of a percent. That’s the reason for implementing the right ERP System.

2. Stock Control

Stock control in chemical manufacturing is very important t when it utilizes data elements, such as traceability data, quality control data, and expiration dates. DoFort ERP system already has the shipping and warehouse information required to manage locations, FEFO, and more while enabling automated processes that link lots and batches to quality control data. Taking this connection further, all the information gathered can be related to the manufacturer's supply of raw materials, which can lead to a chain of connected data that can find all inputs to their applications and end-customer locations. This will help to make faster resolution of issues in-field, as well as optimize product traceability.

3. Responsive and agile manufacturing

DoFort ERP software provides the chemical manufacturers with the opportunity to be more flexible with their supply chain as demand changes increase. The manufacturing actions can be given throughout your supply chain network, which will help them to manage their manufacturing in real-time based on accurate marketing and sales moves which will help to drive decisions regarding the production. DoFort Chemical ERP system supports full life cycle tracking of chemicals and materials is critical for companies working with multiple suppliers, raw material consolidation, and large inventories.

4. Efficient supply chain

By using DoFort ERP software, a chemical manufacturing company can work more closely with members of their supply chain to reduce cycle times by improving the supply chain efficiency and visibility while reducing inventory costs. By using DoFort ERP software to manage raw materials strategically, costs can decrease, waste minimized and profits can increase. Better planning for supply and demand requirements, the need for working capital can also be lowered.


If you are looking for Chemical Manufacturing Software DoFort ERP for chemical manufacturing is the right ERP solution for your Industry.


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