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In the last ten years, every facet of the automobile industry has transformed. Inventory, sales, compliance, finance, and even service divisions have all been flipped on their heads. The most crucial shift is that the customer's purchasing path has changed. As a result, your toolset will need to evolve as well.

In today's highly competitive dealership sector, customer relationship management platforms, or CRMs, are critical. However, not just any CRM Software will suffice. For your dealership, you need to employ the correct CRM System. That is the purpose of this guide.

Small and mid-size car manufacturers, in particular, have a hard time deciding which CRM Software to use. That is because they do not believe they require one. They claim, "I'm too little to employ a CRM Software; I can handle it myself." Are you certain of that?

An automotive CRM Software is a client satisfaction, selling, and marketing platform created specifically for the automobile buyer's particular buying cycle. The majority of automotive CRMs link with existing Dealer Management Systems , removing the need for redundant client data entry.

Every dealership is different, and every CRM system is different as well. You don't want to be a carbon replica of the person down the block. You must select the best CRM Solutions for your needs.

In the automotive business, DoFort Automotive CRM Software includes features that make you more effective, productive, transparent, and consistent.

DoFort ERP and CRM Software allows auto spare parts dealers and automotive businesses get unified control over their operations and a real-time overview of information, allowing them to make faster decisions and satisfy their customers, thanks to our innovative technology. DoFort Automotive ERP Software integrates with CRM Software to optimize the manufacturing process for cost control in the automotive industry, as well as lead times and product development to suit client demands and wishes. For your automotive industry, DoFort will assist you in integrating ERP Software with CRM System.

DoFort offers comprehensive onboarding and training for our Automotive CRM Software. DoFort Automotive CRM Software will walk you through the onboarding process to ensure you’re setup for success. You and your team should have access to help guides and learning libraries for ongoing training.

Key Features of an Automotive CRM

The following are some of the most important features of DoFort Automotive CRM Software:

Onboarding and training are simple.

Integrations with DMS

Management of Voice and Text

Email Reactions That Are Automated

Task/Appointment Management

Onboarding and training are simple

Your sales team will not use an automobile CRM that is expensive, bulky, and tough to use. They already have enough on their plates without having to figure out how to use a difficult new tool. It's vital that your automotive CRM is simple to use and has comprehensive onboarding and training materials.
To begin, seek for a CRM with a modern, user-friendly layout. It should feel comfortable to your salesmen, whether they're new to the field or seasoned veterans. Second, the CRM provider should provide thorough onboarding and training. The top CRMs will guide you through the onboarding process so you're ready to go. For continual training, you and your team should have access to assistance guides and learning resources. Choosing a CRM that lacks a robust training programmed could spell doom for your staff. This is an important component of a decent automobile CRM that is sometimes overlooked
Choosing a CRM that lacks a robust training programmed could spell doom for your staff. This is an important component of a decent automobile CRM that is sometimes overlooked

Integrations with DMS

CRM systems keep records of sales opportunities and processes, whereas DMS systems handle desking, accounting, and inventory management. When it's time to seal a sale, dealerships need to effortlessly transmit opportunities from their CRM to their DMS. In an ideal world, your CRM and DMS will work together.

Management of Voice and Text

Your sales process needs to be systemized, whether you’re managing a team of salespeople. CRMs with voice and text messaging management built in go a long way toward achieving this goal. They assist dealerships in maintaining sales staff openness, consistency, and accountability.
When researching CRM platforms, make sure they can:

Calls made through the app can be tracked and recorded.

Assign tasks for follow-up.

Incoming calls should be directed to the salesperson who is working on the deal.

With opt-in/opt-out messaging consent, keep the dealership TCPA-compliant.

Customers should be able to text your dealership immediately from your website.

Messages can be automated.

Make templates for common customer communications.

Keep a note of your phone calls for future sales training.

Email Reactions that are Automated

Email responses will help you further streamline customer contact. Setting up automated email responses allows your staff to respond fast when leads contact them, which is crucial to closing the deal.

Task/Appointment Management

Find a CRM that allows you to handle all of the deal's meetings and tasks in one location. On the feature dashboard, sales workers may track the status of the deals they're working on, and sales managers can review the status of every offer in the shop.
CRMs keep your team organized and on track with each deal, ensuring that follow-ups and lead information are never lost.


DoFort CRM is an automotive CRM Software Solution offers Car Manufacturers to manage their showroom, internet department, business development centers and catering to all of a dealership’s departments.


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