Features of Real Estate CRM Software

Features of Real Estate CRM Software

Managing leads is critical for any type of real estate business. Because the way leads are managed in your sector is unique, you'll need a specialized solution. Here are a few of the precise requirements that will be met:

Obtaining prospects through classified advertisements and referrals

It's not necessary to focus on repeat business, which is uncommon

Existing relationships are nurtured in order to produce new recommendations

Managing the lead-to-closing timeline, which can be lengthy, successfully

Managing varying levels of involvement at various stages of the sale

DoFort Real Estate Software was created specifically for real estate companies to automate the whole pre-sales, post-sales, and marketing process, allowing your team to collect number bookings with less effort. For real estate agents and businesses, DoFort also offers the best Real Estate CRM Software. DoFort understands that each industry's small business process is distinct, as are the requirements for sales success. That's why we created Software, adaptive and changeable end-to-end sales, marketing, social media, email marketing, and support solution that are ideal for real estate brokers.

It assists real estate companies in documenting the full sales pipeline process, from property evaluations to property listings and transactions. Real estate CRM software allows developers to spend more time on connection building and less time on regular management. Take your efforts to the next level by being able to accurately track project management and lead follow-ups.

Real Estate CRM Software Features

Segmentation and Contact Management

Any CRM relies on contact management, but some CRMs do it better than others. You need a CRM in the real estate industry that allows you to segment and arrange your contacts based on your relationship with them so that you can send them the proper message. Your CRM should allow you to establish several groups of people based on how you want to market to them and assign people to one or more of them. It should allow you to divide these groupings into subcategories so that you can target them appropriately.

Capabilities for Lead Nurturing

In the real estate sector, the value of maintaining long-term partnerships cannot be overstated. Your capacity to make money as a realtor is inextricably related to how well you follow up with the folks you're attempting to help. Effective lead management and nurturing means that you keep track of all of your leads, both past and current, so that none of them fall through the gaps and you don't lose out on any opportunities to serve them. If you've lost touch with a lead, your CRM should notify you and allow for automated follow-ups through text or phone call.

Website Lead Generation & Capture

The ability to construct Web-to-lead forms is a useful tool to have in your CRM if you generate the majority of your leads online. There are various CRM options that allow you to simply adjust the style, appearance, and color scheme of your form to match your company's branding. You can then embed these forms on your landing pages so that visitors can fill in their information. When they click submit, all of the information they've input is automatically linked to your CRM. When your CRM receives these new leads, you may assign them to an agent automatically so that they can be engaged right away.

Lead Scoring as a Method of Identifying High-Value Customers

Your CRM should allow you to define rules for scoring your leads based on their behavior and interactions with your brand to assist you better understand their worth. These behaviors could include things like clicking on a link in your email, watching a video you sent them, or even visiting your real estate website's about us section. Actions like the ones listed above can help you determine how interested these people are in your services and how likely they are to convert if you contact them. By assigning a score to these actions in your CRM, you can priorities high-value leads and exclude those that will most likely reject you. Lead scoring also allows you to identify leads that are losing value over time so you can act quickly to address them.

Exceptional Email Management

For most realtors, email is still the preferred method of communication. It's rather painless, doesn't annoy your recipients as much as phone calls, and can reveal some very useful metrics about them. As a result, a powerful email management tool for your CRM is a must-have. You should be able to use pre-made templates or construct your own, establish drip email campaigns, and send tailored content and newsletters to diverse interest groups. You should be able to set up automated email answers and track how your receivers interact with your material using email tracking.

Automation of Workflows

We've already highlighted a few examples of process automation in this post, but they're so important that they require their own section. They assist you in reducing duplication of work, increasing responsiveness, and increasing output. Your CRM should allow you to set up a variety of automations to account for different scenarios, such as sending an email when a customer accepts an offer on a home, receiving notifications when a listing is updated, and reminding you when a payment is due.

Agent Support throughout the Day

Because real estate agents spend so much time on the road, it's a no-brainer to invest in a cloud-based CRM with mobile capabilities. Having a dedicated CRM mobile app that operates well on your iPhone or Android phone will provide you with the information and tools you need to effectively engage hot leads and close sales, regardless of your location. Furthermore, any actions or notes you create on your CRM mobile app are immediately synchronized with your CRM desktop view, so you don't have to worry about it.


One of the pillars of your success might be DoFort Real Estate CRM Software. When working on a transaction, it's common to maintain track of the contact information of the people with whom you've been working here is where the DoFort Real Estate CRM Software comes in handy, as it aids in data collection, organization, and analysis. As a result, the software data provides a ready source of data from which you can aim your marketing efforts, define your audience goals, and create efficient marketing plans for your company.


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