How Does ERP Assist Apparel Manufacturers

How Does ERP Assist Apparel Manufacturers?

The textile and apparel industry, which includes clothing, footwear, textiles, and luxury fashion, is one of the most dynamic and important industries in the world. Seasonality, fluctuating global demand, operating costs, changing weather, and climatic conditions affect every operation here, from clothing manufacturing and design to distribution and use of manufactured textile. If you implement a powerful ERP system specific to the apparel industry to help increase work productivity and bottom line, the journey of your fashion, textile, and apparel business will significantly change. Many apparel manufacturers do not rely on ERP, resulting in operational issues that impede their growth.

What are the challenges that apparel manufacturers face?

• There is no integration

Apparel manufacturing is a complex process that requires close collaboration between departments (fabric store, sampling, spreading and cutting, sewing, quality assurance, finishing and packaging, finance, etc.). To serve this type of business, fully integrated software that can connect various departments is required.

• Inadequate real-time management

Real-time viewing, editing, and reporting has become a basic requirement in today's manufacturing world. Businesses require a quick solution that facilitates collaboration and communication.

• Minimal data security

Purchase orders, sales orders, manufacturing orders, fact sheets, industry-specific brochures, HR files, and employee data sheets are just a few of the documents that are frequently overlooked due to insufficient management and security channels. An antiquated method of data storage should be replaced with cloud storage, which provides anytime, anywhere access.

• Excess or stock-outs of inventory

When you are unable to fulfil orders or your costs are excessive due to the carrying costs of too much inventory, customer satisfaction suffers and you risk losing business.

ERP is the key to streamlining every function in a textile and apparel manufacturing industry in this world of thriving technology. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a business application that helps you manage operations systematically in order to increase productivity and save time. With the smooth flow of information between departments, an ERP system helps you automate to lower costs and improve employee satisfaction. ERP enables you to address both tangible and intangible savings by providing cutting-edge functionality that can be tailored to your specific business requirements.

Consider the following advantages of implementing a flexible ERP solution in the textile and apparel manufacturing industry

Eliminate stock-outs and inventory silos

Apparel manufacturing ERP software allows you to understand your bottom-line costs while maintaining the proper merchandise mix across the organisation. The key to systematic management is a nimble and mobile Warehouse Management Solution that is part of a manufacturing ERP solution.

Time management

With ERP software, you can quickly fulfil purchase orders and assign the best person to the job. It aids in the reduction of errors, repetitive data entry, and other mundane tasks.

Real-time tracking

Replace the old and inefficient method of manually entering replenishment or transfer orders with an ERP system that provides real-time tracking and reporting of warehouse, shop floor, procurement, and shipping resources.

The ERP dashboard serves as a central hub for several functions

Quality Control, Production, Supply Chain Planning, RCCP, Pegging, Warehouse Management, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and the Shop Floor are all represented on a single dashboard.


ERP provides accurate information to authorised users who can work from anywhere on the planet. These speeds up decision making, increases productivity, and strengthens relationships with vendors, customers, and co-workers.


Choosing the best ERP solution for apparel industry can be time-consuming and difficult, but this should not deter you from upgrading your current software. DoFort provides a a full-fledged ERP solution that can empower your company to outpace the competition and achieve all of its long and short-term goals, from evaluating KPIs to providing a 360-degree view of your manufacturing unit to real-time data.


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