Garment Manufacturing Software

One of the oldest and fastest-growing sectors is the fashion and clothing industry. The garment manufacturing sector is complex and contains several procedures. Planning, Design, Sourcing, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehousing, and Financial Administration are just a few of the processes that the Garment Manufacturers ERP covers. As the textile and garment market becomes more competitive, manufacturers and enterprises are looking for more efficient ways to deal with the chaos. DoFort Garment Manufacturing ERP Software can serve as vital centralized software for controlling inventories, purchasing, sales, and customer interactions, as well as assisting the business in meeting statutory requirements. The best ERP for the garment sector is DoFort. It takes a holistic approach to business management to simplify all of the intricacies in the textile clothing industry. This outstanding manufacturing ERP software accurately retrieves each and every unique demand while automating critical activities such as bulk inventory, supply chain, financing, sales, accounting, and more. It streamlines company processes by requiring less lead time and allowing for easier integration with existing systems. The system also handles garment manufacturing, which necessitates precision.

Clothing, footwear, textiles, and luxury fashion are all part of the textile and apparel sector, which is one of the most active and important industries in the world. DoFort Garment Manufacturing ERP provides a framework for fabric industries to organize their business and production knowledge in order to produce a valuable management resource. Garment ERP software facilitates in the smooth automation of time-consuming and repetitive manufacturing and production operations inside the firm. DoFort Apparel & Garment Manufacturing ERP software is a cloud-based, customized garment manufacturing ERP system with capabilities tailored to production and manufacturing processes. Seasonality, fluctuating worldwide demand, operating expenses, changeable weather, and climatic circumstances affect every operation here, from clothing manufacturing and design through distribution and use of manufactured textile. If you deploy a DoFort Apparel & Garment Manufacturing ERP system dedicated to the apparel sector to help enhance your job productivity and bottom line, your fashion, textile, and apparel business's journey will substantially change. Many garment businesses do not use ERP and, as a result, have operational issues that hinder their growth.

DoFort Garment Manufacturing ERP software Functions

  • Choosing fabric colors and textures from a variety of options.
  • Decisions to be made about fabric lengths, widths, and other factors.
  • The need to categories a large number of objects.
  • Prices, models, goods, sizes, and colors are all divided into categories.
  • Sales data are calculated automatically.
  • Calculating the garments' cost price.
  • The outfits are described in multiple languages.
  • Control over company procedures and a detailed status structure.

Benefits of Implementing Apparel & Garment Manufacturing ERP software

Stock-outs and inventory silos should be minimized

Apparel and garment manufacturing ERP software allows you to keep track of your bottom line costs while keeping the proper product mix across your company. The key to systematic management is an agile and mobile Warehouse Management Solution that is part of a manufacturing ERP solution.

Organizing your time

With ERP software, you can swiftly fulfill purchase orders and delegate the work to the best individual for the job. It aids in the reduction of errors, repetitive data entering, and other tedious tasks.

Tracking in real time

Upgrade your business software with an ERP system that provides real-time tracking and reporting of resources for the warehouse, shop floor, procurement, and shipping, and eliminate the old and traditional way of manually entering replenishment or transfer orders.

Dashboard in ERP serves as a central point for a variety of operations

Quality Control, Production, Supply Chain Planning, RCCP, Pegging, Warehouse Management, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and the Shop Floor are all shown on a single dashboard.


Authorized users can get correct information from anywhere in the world using ERP. This allows for faster decision-making, increased productivity, and improved relationships with vendors, customers, and coworkers.


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