Manufacturing ERP Modules You Should Have in Your manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP Modules You Should Have in Your manufacturing ERP Software

ERP software are designed to manage operations across all industries. The difference is made by integrated ERP modules. For example, as a manufacturer, you must manage multiple bills of materials (BOM), which necessitates the use of a dedicated module. Similarly, there are other operations that are specific to your industry. The modules in your ERP make it simple to manage these various workflows.

ERP Modules for the Manufacturing Industry

ERP Modules for the Manufacturing Industry though these modules can function independently, establishing synergy between all business operations increases the value of the manufacturing ERP software exponentially.

Here we'll look at the must-have manufacturing ERP modules that can help with process optimization and productivity.

Inventory Management

Inventory is an essential component of the manufacturing process. Unused raw materials and unsold finished goods are both sources of waste that cost your company money. As a result, as a manufacturer, you must maximise inventory control and utilisation. The inventory management module tracks raw materials and finished goods in-store, allowing you to start the purchasing process based on forecasts or special-order requirements. It also gives you better control over your materials, allowing you to quickly identify their locations while also easing their movement to and from production.

Production Management

Products are created to meet the needs of customers. As a result, they must be ready when the customer expects them to arrive. The manufacturing module in ERP ensures that the necessary machinery, labour, and material components are available to produce the desired finished products on time.

Order Management

Every customer order is efficiently documented by the manufacturing requirements planning module. This information is used by the ERP software to notify you when customer demand changes or deflates. As a result, you can schedule or cancel production to meet the needs of your customers based on their demand.

HR Module

The HR module is critical in operations in an industry that deals extensively with labour. According to industry trends, having complete control over employee engagement, benefits, and payroll compensation simplifies resource management and results in a more efficient workforce. The HR module in manufacturing ERP software tracks which employee skills are required to perform current tasks and analyses and predicts which skills will be required when operations are scaled up.

Customer Relationship Management

All communication between your sales team and the customer is recorded in the CRM tool. The available data allows you to better understand your customers and prepare sales pitches based on their preferences.

Vendor Management

The vendor management module records every quotation received from your suppliers and keeps track of their quality standards certifications. You can use the data from the manufacturing ERP software to rate suppliers and improve quotation management in the future.


The benefits of Manufacturing ERP Software have made them the most preferred solutions for streamlining daily tasks and providing centralised platforms to store and access massive amounts of data. DoFort provides the best manufacturing ERP software. Feel free to contact us if you require expert advice on best manufacturing ERP software.


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