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DoFort Real estate CRM software helps to manage the relationships between buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, developers, and financial institutions and caters to various requirements of real estate agents and real estate companies. Managing the incoming requests to preparing price quotes, from selling commercial real-estate to DoFort property management, the real estate CRM system takes care of the end-to-end process management for real estate agencies.

It is tough to imagine how real estate professionals manage to do all their different assignments and do not lose minds. They will help to monitor the listings of various areas, search for new clients, link people to the property they want, create leads and brochures. There will be loads of documents they need to process, multiple transactions to monitor, and many other things to do. For governing all that, DoFort Real estate CRM software solutions are the best and most efficient way out. Customers like loyalty, satisfaction & value from the services offered by the industries. We will be able to respond instantly, managers can take quick decisions and complete negotiations as the DoFort Real estate CRM software allows real-time information sharing and access to other people involved in the sales life cycle.

Benefits of DoFort Real Estate CRM Software

1. Security

Security of data is one of the major concerns. DoFort will help you to eliminate the concern regarding security. DoFort Real Estate CRM Software in UAE, UK, US & INDIA, will guard all our customers’ data. DoFort makes sure clients' data is secure, backed up and confidential. DoFort take the responsibility of protecting the customer data, internal policies and procedure reflects this. DoFort ensures that customers’ data will be secure if any unexpected breakdown happens. Our security features promise the correct access to the correct user.

2. Time and workflow management

DoFort CRM System will help you better for your organization work and your time. Using DoFort CRM Software, you will be able to manage your business in a shine and relax, because you don't want to worry about being late for appointments or leave out on a new business, or forgetting anything.

Automatic indications will remind you about the important tasks that you need to manage so that you can work properly. We can also automate the routine tasks with invoice reminders, have an overview of all the assignments and events you or your colleagues have planned or completed.

By all these functionalities we can ensure that real estate agents stay on task, well organized and that nothing avoids observation.

3. Facilitate Checklist Management

There are particular processes that you must go through for certain real estate transactions. For instance, when you close a sale, you must tell the new tenants the move-in policies for the building. Checklist management makes sure you notify the clients of all the things they must do to move in. DoFort Real estate CRM Software authorizes checklist management for all real estate transactions.

4. Sales and Marketing management

DoFort CRM tool allows for estimating the volume of deals, possibility to close deals, log offers, showcase listings, and, in general, to monitor pipeline at each stage of the sales cycle. For example, key metrics are not as promising as you would like them to be, the reporting tools of CRM software can help to find out possible causes, like an average price for square meters of current listings, or average time period property spends on the market. Thus, CRM tools are indispensable to make your sales pipeline run simple and easy.

DoFort CRM System is a powerful marketing tool for your business. DoFort CRM software for real estate industries is designed to help generate business, be it online or offline, offering automated real estate drip marketing schemes. Making campaigns is very easy with our DoFort CRM software solutions, and once you’ve completed, you can save or print, or send emails right from the application.

DoFort Real estate CRM software systems are having more features for marketing such as different types of photo editors, templates, report designers. Having these tools, users can easily create customer-tailored reports and appealing brochures. DoFort CRM software solutions can be even more beneficial, while several different languages and currencies can be a real asset for international real estate agents.

5. Business processes automation and integration

DoFort Real estate CRM software offers integration to different multiple listing services (MLS). DoFort Real estate CRM software does a great job of automatic import of listings for client portals, email marketing, and presentations for buyers or sellers.

Business processes automation allows you to view and manage all the details of each selected property, real estate ratings, and referrals, any other property-related date on one page in one system. It facilitates property management and makes it grow properly.


In today's competitive market, DoFort Real estate CRM systems help real estate agents gain an edge over their competitors. It explains customer-agent relationships and plays a major role in customer relationship management. DoFort Real estate CRM Software helps in engaging with customers effectively.


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