Top Real Estate Technology Trends for 2022

Top Real Estate Technology Trends for 2022

Every day, new innovations emerge in the digital world. Consumer behaviour is changing as our world becomes more technologically advanced. Why not digitalize real estate processes when nearly every other task has been? The concept of PropTech first emerged in 1990, with the establishment of PropTech businesses. However, this field has not grown in the same way that other similar fields, such as FinTech, have. Nonetheless, numerous tech behemoths are attempting to transform the real estate sector through the magic of technology-based solutions.

What is PropTech?

PropTech is an abbreviation for property technology. PropTech is concerned with the extensive use of technology in the real estate sector. Real estate technology includes software and tools that make owning, buying, and managing properties easier. PropTech has simplified many real estate processes, from reducing paperwork in the sector to enabling more convenient payment methods.

Artificial Intelligence

This is the era of huge amounts of data. This data is of course collected for assessment. Machine learning plays a more important role here. It helps in assessing data in a way that isn’t possible by humans. AI can examine massive amounts of information being produced instantly. Then, it gives us valuable insights on market trends, allows investment risk analysis, and helps us understand buyers better. Thus, the real estate agencies offer their consumers better suggestions like what offers would be best for them. You might have heard of LoanSnap, Zillow, and Compass. These real estate companies employ this technology to aid purchasers in finding an ideal house and mortgage. In addition to that, using AI, people can get almost precise guesses on the costs of purchasing and renting a property in various areas. It’s extremely useful for real estate agencies. AI-powered chatbots help real estate businesses to communicate with their customers 24/7 and answer their questions precisely. Furthermore, using AI, people can get almost exact estimates on the costs of purchasing and renting a property in various areas. It is extremely beneficial to real estate agencies. AI-powered chatbots enable real estate businesses to communicate with their customers around the clock and precisely answer their questions. AI technology is improving all the time. AI could provide investors with more accurate market forecasts in the future.AI technology is getting better day by day. In the future, AI would offer a more precise market forecast for investors.

Digital Lands Trading

The buzz surrounding NFT hasn't died down completely. Now, Facebook has brought up the subject of the metaverse. A virtual world is referred to as the metaverse. It facilitates simple interactions and trades. Unsurprisingly, the real estate industry has jumped on board. Companies are purchasing digital land in the metaverse for millions of dollars. Based on the speed of real estate money transfer in the metaverse, it has been predicted that virtual land trading will thrive in the coming years. However, we have no idea how to set a price for a property in an infinite virtual area. This industry will only grow if cryptocurrencies become our future. and digital assets are not subject to stringent regulations.

Direct communication with end users

More touchless services are now available to users. These services have improved the security and health of processes. More and more people involved in the real estate industry are now communicating directly with one another via digital channels. It means that traditional practises such as physical property tours are gradually becoming obsolete. Property management software has been around for a long time. They also make use of disruptive technologies. DoFort is a PropTech company that provides property management software that serves as a one-stop shop for all of your property management needs. Using cutting-edge technology, this software streamlines your business processes, allowing you to increase profits.

Digital payments

It is an important real estate technology trend to pay attention to. In today's fast-paced world, everyone, including real estate companies and customers, is in a hurry. It is past time to eliminate time-consuming and tedious paperwork and allow people to pay by digitally signing receipts. This will also make payments easier when the sender and receiver are in different countries. All parties will be able to access the documents from anywhere and on any device thanks to digital payments management.


Real estate is a vast domain in and of itself. Many tech companies are currently working to bring about a revolution in various subsets of the larger real estate industry. Realtors, renters, and landowners are now more productive than ever before, thanks to the automation of many mundane tasks. In recent years, the real estate sector has also received significant capital funding. Today's trends include e-signatures, rental mobile apps, virtual tours, renter screenings, and digital transactions. DoFort provides CRM software for real estate management to assist agents in automating numerous tasks using technology. As a property manager, our comprehensive technological solutions can boost your productivity. We provide a variety of software solutions so that you can find one that meets your specific requirements.


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