What is Transportation Management Software?

Transportation management software enables businesses to centralize transportation operations across many departments on one platform. Many shipping and logistics procedures are planned and automated using transportation management software. Transportation management software also includes a comprehensive system for managing and scheduling vehicle fleets. Many platforms also include routing tools to assist businesses in planning journeys as efficiently as possible.

With the correct logistics technology, your transportation management software might become your main source of profit! DoFort, the only full logistics technology, will help you make the correct decisions. - Make a list of your orders. - Increase the weight of your load - Assign vendors and manage them - Channel rate and contract management that is intuitive - Increase on-time dispatches while lowering on-yard TAT - Ensure end-to-end order tracking with freight visibility - Verify every delivery with error-proof and immediate confirmation.

Transportation management systems are typically utilized by companies that regularly ship, move, and receive commodities, such as:




Companies that deal with the internet

Retail establishments

Third-party and fourth-party logistics (businesses and logistics service providers) are examples of companies that provide logistical services.

A transportation management system is used by businesses in practically every industry, from construction to life sciences. Enterprises with annual freight expenditures of $100 million or more are the primary customers, although the emergence of cloud-based transportation management software systems has made it more affordable for smaller businesses to reap the benefits of adopting a transportation management system into their supply chain.

Transportation management systems (TMS) are logistics platforms that enable customers to oversee and optimize their transportation fleets' everyday operations. It is a component of Supply Chain Management (SCM) that sits between an organization's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and its Warehouse Management System (WMS). However, it is primarily responsible for planning and executing the physical movement of products.

Benefits of Transportation Management Software

Transportation management software is a system that can improve operations, boost business, and deliver better service to clients for any logistics company. There are various advantages to using DoFort Transportation management software to help companies transport freight accurately and cost-effectively from point of origin to point of destination. Understand the importance of transportation management software and how it might benefit your organization before deciding on one. The following are some of the advantages of DoFort Transportation Management Software:

Organize fleet logistics:

DoFort Transportation management software comes with all of the capabilities that businesses need to schedule their fleets and staff. Dispatchers have a detailed view of the times, locations, and status of the maintenance. Companies can keep track of their vehicles and operators in real time with real-time tracking integration. These benefits make fleet management more straightforward and efficient.

Integrate business processes:

DoFort Transportation management software has functionality for a variety of departments, which is one of its main advantages. Dispatching, order administration, billing, and reporting are all centralized in these platforms. Additional integrations with other applications can also be created by businesses. This connection allows businesses to gain a better understanding of their operations. Employees in various jobs can collaborate on the same data sets. All of these benefits contribute to improved communication and collaboration throughout your company. Transportation management system will work in tandem with your other logistics management software. The following are typical components of these systems:

Supplier Relationship Management

Automatically collect meaningful data:

Companies can employ fleet tracking systems, order tracking systems, shipping labels, and other related technologies to acquire data with minimal human involvement. The generated data is used by transportation management systems to create reliable and searchable records, to look for data trends, and to make business choices.

Increase warehouse productivity and efficiency:

A well-organized warehouse is a vital aspect of the logistics process because of the constant flow of arriving and exiting inventory. When you combine transportation management software with a warehouse management system, you can keep track of orders at the warehouse, in transit, and when they arrive. Users will be able to assess procedures and verify that they are efficient as a result of this.

Reduce costs:

The most common approach for organizations to save money using transportation management software is through efficient operations. Companies can also take advantage of unique shipping and equipment reductions.

Keeping the amount of documentation you have to deal with to a bare minimum:

By automating all of your accounts, the Transportation management system will save you time and money. It will also reduce the quantity of paperwork required to keep the organization running. Administrative expenditures will be reduced as a result, while billing issues and erroneous billing will be reduced.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction in General:

Meeting all of these expectations has become a severe challenge for organizations because today's clients want fast delivery times, last-minute order alterations, and tailored delivery timelines. The right transportation management system can help bridge the gap between order management and warehouse.


Consumers of the appropriate transportation management software solution will always save money. It will increase the overall productivity and efficiency of the company. For the transportation industry, DoFort is the best transportation management software.


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