What is CRM Software and how it can help your business growth?

What is CRM Software?

A CRM system enables firms to manage client connections, as well as the data and information that goes with them. CRM allows you to keep contact information for customers and prospects, accounts, leads, and sales possibilities all in one place.

Deals move considerably more quickly when your staff has rapid access to information about possible sales deals, marketing efforts, and account changes. CRMs are especially beneficial for small organizations since a small team of a few individuals frequently does the job of many. A CRM system's virtual paper trail makes everyone involved accountable, including the customer.

If you work in Marketing, A CRM (Marketing CRM) solution helps you to manage all of your marketing efforts and materials in one place. This makes it simple to run numerous ads at the same time and segment your audience for the best results. Your marketing team will have unprecedented visibility into how their efforts are functioning and producing revenue for the business with a single central hub for marketing campaigns and lead data.

If you work in Sales, A CRM (Sales CRM) system allows you to access and manage information about your prospects in great detail and on a large scale. You will also get access to the most current account activity, ensuring that your contact with sales leads is always up to date and relevant. With so much information on each prospect and their stage in the sales cycle, your sales team will finally have a clear picture of their sales funnel. This leads to a better understanding of how to close leads and more accurate sales forecasts.

If you work in Customer Service, A CRM (Service CRM) system allows you to deliver 360-degree support to each customer. A CRM solution gives you a unified view of your customers. Complete case histories, full account information, and even the preferred means of contact will be available to service agents. All of this information makes it easier for your agents to give personalized, one-on-one service that turns clients into brand ambassadors.


Increases Revenue
Sales teams are confronted with a challenge: According to a new CSO Insights report salespeople spend just 25-30% of their time selling. The remaining time is spent on administrative tasks such as lead qualification, forecasting, lead routing, and research.
DoFort’s sales CRM is intended to improve a sales organization's ability to sell by removing everyday distractions and allowing sales personnel to focus on what they do best.

Improve 360º View of a Customer
Researching a lead may be a time-consuming procedure for the usual salesman. The entire procedure takes up the great majority of a rep's time on a given account: determining their previous account activity, knowing their industry and firm, and gleaning their interests and worries from social media.
Salesforce collects all of this data and organizes it in one location. The contact information for a prospect is directly next to important information about his or her firm.
The prospect's most recent internet activity is tracked and curated alongside his or her qualifying score and grade. All of your assignments and engagement history are readily available, making the research process much easier, quicker, and more efficient.

Better segmentation
Nobody wants to do business with an anonymous group. Everyone wants to work with the ideal audience.
You may achieve this by dividing your connections (both customers and prospects) into target audiences. There isn't anything else out there that handles segmentation as well as a CRM.
CRM makes it simple to construct targeted lists by allowing you to divide down data by categories and criteria. Such segmented lists may be used in sales and marketing to execute specialized customer marketing campaigns (including account-based marketing campaigns) as well as monitor your sales process and lead pool.
When you know whom, you're talking to, you can modify your offer, your techniques, and even your sales pitch accordingly.

Better customer retention
CRM is a fantastic tool for not only identifying and nurturing potential and new consumers but also for keeping your present customers pleased.
A CRM system provides a number of "client retention" benefits, such as reminding you of appointments or when to send follow-up emails.
However, the true key here is that CRM may also remind you to contact consumers who haven't been touched in a while and may feel abandoned.
After all, maintaining a current client is 6 to 7 times less expensive than acquiring a new one.

Better protection of data privacy
Finally, let's talk about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been a "buzzword" in recent years.
It's critical to have CRM software that has GDPR-related features built in if you want to comply with the new EU regulation's data protection standards.
The biggest advantage of CRM, in this case, is that it will save you a lot of time and effort since GDPR compliance is a full-time job in and of itself, not to mention all of the negative legal implications if you break this privacy regulation.
It's better to be cautious than sorry when it comes to GDPR.
A CRM system can help you obtain and document your contacts' permission to store and use their personal information (consents), send automatic notifications to all new contacts informing them that their information will be stored, manage your customers' email communication preferences, and even set up rules to update personal information for groups of contacts – all at once.
Manually doing this task will consume the majority of your time and expose you to the danger of making mistakes. Setting up a CRM system to do this for you is a quick, secure, and dependable approach to making your customer communications GDPR compliant, which develops confidence as you treat your customers' data with respect.


Using a CRM system will increase representative productivity, maintain all prospect information in one place, help your team complete more transactions, and nurture key business connections.

Consider how you can enhance your representatives' perceptions of CRM software and build a strategy that will help you increase conversions and improve your bottom line. DoFort is a leading CRM company that provides our clients with the most creative and well-known CRM solutions. DoFort has the best CRM solution that fits all organizations. Contact us at if you'd like to know more about CRM software.


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