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Construction Accounting Software in US, Canada & Brazil

The construction industry in US, Canada and Brazil, is constantly changing industry with cycles of expansion and decline, as well as, more recently, acquisition and consolidation. Experts are upbeat, predicting that engineering and construction companies would increase their expenditures in new technology in order to run more efficiently and compete in the global market. DoFort has the software solutions you need to stand out in the industry and achieve or exceed customer expectations in US, Canada and Brazil.

Those who have employed in the construction sector in US, Canada and Brazil for a long time are aware of the difficulties that come with a limited budget and a set deadline. Unexpected events, on the other hand, frequently occur, throwing existing plans out the window and prompting workers to create a new timeline and margins for the project. Construction businesses in US, Canada and Brazil need to know that their ERP software can be relied on to bring their project back on track when efficiency is at risk.

If you're on the lookout for the most effective Construction ERP Software? Is there a way to keep track of all your tasks in one place? Are you looking for a smart platform to run your complete company? You don't have to compromise with DoFort. We're here to assist you figure out where to begin and how to keep on track as you grow your company in US, Canada and Brazil.


DoFort Construction ERP software, or construction ERP Software Solutions, is short for construction enterprise resource planning software. It is a single, integrated solution that blends advanced enterprise technologies with decades of building industry experience. DoFort develops Construction Accounting and Service Management Software and services that help commercial and industrial construction, engineering, and field service organizations increase productivity and overall performance.

DoFort construction ERP software in US, Canada and Brazil is an acronym for construction enterprise resource planning software. It is a single, integrated solution that blends advanced enterprise technologies with decades of building industry experience. DoFort construction ERP software in US, Canada and Brazil goes beyond traditional construction management software by incorporating document, content, and business process management capabilities, allowing contractors to:

  • Construction accounting, financial management, payroll, projects, and service operations can all be managed in one database.
  • Electronically capture all business content. Get rid of inefficient paper and manual processes.
  • With mobile field technology, crews and technicians can report on manpower, equipment, and materials in the field.
  • Analyze previous performance for planning, identify exceptions for action, and estimate current performance by "diving down" to crucial supporting detail.
  • Multi-location, multi-company, and inter-company accounting can all be automated.

Benefits of Construction ERP Software in US, Canada & Brazil

Companies in the construction and construction-related industries in US, Canada and Brazil must be able to demonstrate their worth in a competitive and tough market climate where the efficient use of resources and a high degree of project management flexibility are critical.

Contractors need innovative business solutions in US, Canada and Brazil to help them simplify complicated and distinctive building processes due to intense national and international rivalry, rising administrative requirements, and a tremendous demand to innovate.

DoFort ERP software in US, Canada and Brazil includes a number of integrated solutions that help with all parts of the construction industry, including planning, project management, and cost and revenue estimation. The key advantages of DoFort ERP software in the construction businesses in US, Canada and Brazil are as follows.

Efficiency in Planning

In the context of a construction company, poor planning leads to late project completion and, potentially, the company's demise. If contractors fail to meet their deadlines, they risk losing a lot of money in terms of labour costs and clientele. Delays in project delivery due to a lack of planning have a negative impact on the company's reputation. Planning for the raw materials needed, efficient labour consumption, architectural design, and timelines are all required for proper resource channeling.

Budgetary allocation and expense control can be handled with the help of construction ERP software. It also helps to avoid unwanted downtime and contractual issues with clients during the project's lifespan.

The management of projects should be enhanced.

Distributing duties and tracking project progress across different work locations has always been problematic in the construction industry. An ERP system allows construction managers to keep track of the status of multiple tasks quickly. It can keep track of each project's progress, define milestones, assign tasks to the right people, and do other things. Contractors can use real-time data to track how much time each employee spends on each activity, making billing clients easier.

It is necessary to improve internal communication.

Effective communication is key to project success in the construction industry. However, maintaining great communication throughout divisions is one of the most common difficulties faced by construction companies. Disconnections between departments can cause operational and business processing delays, potentially affecting project deadlines.

The built-in chat forums and video tools of the DoFort Construction ERP system let employees communicate more effectively. You'll be able to improve your company's internal communication in ways you never thought possible. Employees will be able to participate in group discussions using the chat forum while working on the project. As a result, everyone will be able to keep informed, engage in discussions, and receive timely information.

Mobile phone functions

Everyone has a cellphone these days. Furthermore, several companies use mobile devices in their operations to speed up business processes. DoFort includes a construction ERP system as well as the ability to use mobile devices in your business.

A one-of-a-kind SMS alert feature is included in the Construction ERP Software. You can use this feature to send bulk SMS to your customers or prospects for marketing purposes. You could reach a vast number of people with a single button press. Employees, on the other hand, will be able to quickly send project updates to executives and management, even from the construction site, because the system is accessible from anywhere at any time.

Digital documentation is available.

DoFort Construction ERP can help you digitize all of your information. This eliminates the need for distinct folders for estimates, project proposals, and customer contracts. You won't need spreadsheets or presentations any longer. Furthermore, you will not have to waste time manually filling out forms, spreadsheets, or data collection.

Our Construction ERP will also help you organize your data effectively so that you can find any record with a single click. The technology also reduces the risk of unauthorized access to data, which can occur when all of your data is stored in files on file racks.

Modules of DoFort Construction ERP Software in US, Canada and Brazil


Project handling




Purchase and Subcontracts




Assets and Equipment




Estimation and budget control


HR and Payroll

Features of DoFort ERP Software For Construction in Dubai, and UAE

  • Effective Work Break down Structure
  • Real-time Cost Tracking
  • Analyse Budgeted, Actual, Variance Charges
  • Efficient Expense Administration
  • Intelligent BOQ Generation
  • Drill-down Facility
  • Live Approval System
  • Online Material Request
  • Live Stock & Inventory Handling
  • Integrated Supplier Portal
  • Tabulate & Compare Multiple Quotations
  • Real-time Approvals & Authorizations
  • Employee Allocation & Scheduling
  • Job Allocation & Time Cards
  • Employee Self Service
  • Overtime & Holiday OT Control
  • Asset Supervision (Tools, Equipment, Machinery)
  • Track & Record Asset Utilization
  • Intelligent Asset Utilization & Cost Conduct
  • Subcontract Regulation
  • Subcontractor Payments
  • Payment, Retention & Recoupment
  • Job scope Variance management

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