Consumer preferences are changing on a daily basis, and the consumer products industry is seeing unprecedented changes. Manufacturers must be adaptable and nimble in order to keep ahead of the changing market. Product development and restocking cycles might be shortened, supply chains can be impacted by changes in buying patterns, and manufacturers' margins can be squeezed. Consumer goods companies must anticipate and meet customer demand on the shelf while managing margins and complying with ever-changing safety and environmental regulations in order to gain market share and increase profit. DoFort offers the best Consumer Products ERP in US, Canada, and Brazil

Consumer goods companies in US, Canada, and Brazil will have to re-examine core concepts that have previously served them well because of the changes happening in the consumer goods industry in the US, Canada, and Brazil. The consumer wants and habits are evolving, and products and business models in the consumer goods industry are being reshaped by complicated consumer habits, new cultural influences from worldwide marketplaces, and quickly changing technology choices.

The DoFort ERP solution for consumer goods in USA, Canada, and Brazil improve an organization's profitability by improving supply chain management, increasing sales and marketing ROI, and integrating financial, sales, and operational planning to improve corporate performance. DoFort ERP provides a variety of solutions to transform business operation for consumer products industries. With efficiency in mind, DoFort has put forward cloud-based solutions to assist businesses in improving internal operations and providing real-time data to consumers industry businesses.

DoFort ERP Solution for Consumer Goods in US, Canada, and Brazil assist consumer goods industries in being more customer-centric. Consumer goods ERP solutions enable organizations reduce time to market with items that customers desire and adapt to changing demand swiftly and profitably. Companies may also engage, contact, and service customers with timely, personalized, and relevant information and offers along the entire path to purchase.

Advantages of Consumer Goods/Products Software in the US, Canada, and Brazil

It enables a company to connect with its customers and convert them into repeat customers by providing an exceptional customer experience.

  • Create a brand and maximize its performance by keeping the product lifecycle in check and providing the best customer solutions.
  • Collaborate with customers to ensure successful retail execution. It will create an optimized connection throughout the organization.
  • It contributes to high performance and long-term product operations.
  • Track all product information for global error detection and standardization.
  • Create new ways to perform and market your organization. Analyze performance with DoFort BI integrated ERP software to gain valuable insights and examine the customer experience.

Functional Modules

DoFort as a Best Consumer Goods ERP provider in the US, Canada and, Brazil

DoFort provides high-quality, industry-specific ERP software to manufacturing companies in the US, Canada and, Brazil. We give targeted emphasis on vertical sectors for each of our industry editions to help you take your business to the next level. We assist you in becoming an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

Key Features

Improve Communication

Growth &




Data &


Supply Chain







Improve Communication

Business Services


Operating Models





Vertical Segments in consumer goods industry

DoFort provides high-quality, industry-specific ERP for consumer goods. We give targeted emphasis on vertical sectors for each of our industry editions to help you take your business to the next level. We are here to assist you in becoming an Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise.

1. Personal and household packaged goods

End-to-end supply chain visibility and efficient operations are important for home and personal packaged goods firms to effectively manufacture and deliver high-quality items on time. They must enhance operations, handle trade and promotional obligations efficiently, and track items and information across the supply chain.

2. Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics manufacturers operate in a continuously changing environment where the capacity to create and release new goods quickly is vital to their success. DoFort can assist in cost reduction, improved supplier and customer communication, managing large volume materials, and shortening product lifecycles while preserving profitability.

3. Assembled Items

Manufacturers of assembled and discrete items are attempting to expand market share, enhance product offerings by fulfilling customer demand, and respond to the constant desire for new products. DoFort can assist these businesses in streamlining their production processes, improving customer service, and managing complicated supply disruptions.

4. Jewelry

Jewelry producers must be able to trace supplies, handle bonded warehousing, and sensitive transit methods while decreasing production costs in order to preserve profitability and a competitive edge. DoFort offers complete traceability as well as the capacity to manage inventories of sensitive or high-value items and products.

Benefits of DoFort ERP Solution for consumer goods

Maximized planning and resource management

Increased productivity

Reduced overhead costs

Better customer relationships

Predictability & scalability

Enhanced data security

Simplified risk management & regulatory compliance

Better inventory tracking

Business Process Improvements

Improved quality control

Industries we serve

Home and personal care

Food and beverages


Home and personal care

Attributes and Apparel

Commodity and Trading


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