ERP for Plastic Manufacturing

DoFort plastic manufacturing ERP software helps to automate and time-consuming manufacturing tasks within the organization. DoFort plastic manufacturing software will help your company to manage and improve all the processes by making better business decisions which will lead to an increase in Operational Efficiency.

DoFort plastic manufacturing ERP software is easy to customize and cloud-based plastic manufacturing ERP software for the manufacturing functions. DoFort plastic manufacturing software manages the overall manufacturing processes for the better management of your entire manufacturing business.

DoFort plastic manufacturing software will provide the curative measures that can be taken to guarantee better manufacturing activities by identifying processes that can create disruption in manufacturing tasks.

Increasing demand for plastics and tighter constraints brought about through environmental issues, plastic manufacturers need all the help they can require. This is where DoFort Manufacturing software can play an important role.

Manufacturing industries involves various processes and operations which are required for the business and production starting from the procurement of raw materials to delivering the final manufactured product, a series of operation timelines has to be followed This way of operations guarantee that the manufacturing process stays in control and the expected timeline is followed To manage and monitor the entire, Manufacturing processes.

Plastic Manufacturing ERP Software Modules

Quality Control

Production Planning

Features of Plastic Manufacturing ERP Software

1. Quality Control

Important concern for the plastic manufacturers is to make products of higher quality because any faults that occur in the plastic can damage whole production in which that product of plastics will be used. DoFort ERP Software for plastic manufacturing industry to do the quality checks for the manufacturers at various processes in plastic production such as distillation, polymerization, polycondensation, dying and adding various chemicals etc.

2. Reduce errors

Even a small mistake can affect businesses greatly. Any Errors at the stage of production or missing information about the client’s specific requirements can affect the business a lot of money. DoFort ERP System enables the plastic manufacturers to keep a better track of all these vital details and ensures that there is no scope for errors.

3. Tracking of products

Tracking is very important to get a complete status of things happening in the business. DoFort ERP software gives all the necessary information regarding the reception of raw materials, their production, their shipping to customers, their internal transfers, etc. This will help to know whether the product is being stocked or moved out from the warehouse etc.

4. Customer Satisfaction

DoFort plastic manufacturing ERP software helps improve customer service by:

Streamlining backend business processes

Matching supply with demand

Improving user experience

Enabling access to the information you need to better serve your customers

5. Scheduling and planning

DoFort ERP Software for the plastic industry can perfectly schedule the production orders, quickly resolve the bottlenecks, analyze any contingencies, identify material and primary and secondary equipment conflicts and eliminate the requirement for the manual data input or spreadsheets.

Tips for Choosing Plastic Manufacturing Software

Tracking and traceability

Batch control

Real-time data

Take advantage of big data

Advanced analytics

Control over tooling


DoFort ERP software integrates and automates all the integral business processes of your business. DoFort ERP system enables the automation of lengthy processes and improves the overall efficiency that helps the management to make better business decisions.

By using DoFort ERP Software for plastic manufacturing industry all the processes needed in the manufacturing can be done accurately without any chances of error.


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