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DoFort Manufacturing ERP Software

Manufacturing ERP software empowers you to overcome challenges and drive expansion. Our comprehensive system simplifies processes, enhances production scheduling, and provides immediate visibility throughout your organization. Remove obstacles, inspire your team, and boost your manufacturing achievements with DoFort.


Unlocking Global Efficiency in the Cloud

DoFort's Manufacturing ERP software, hosted on the cloud, enables you to remove obstacles, enhance inventory management, and access up-to-the-minute insights - all within a unified system. Tailored to address worldwide challenges, DoFort supports you in reaching operational efficiency and driving long-term expansion.

Manufacturing ERP Software for the Digital Era

DoFort Manufacturing ERP enables businesses to thrive in the digital era. Our cutting-edge cloud-based platform offers instant access to valuable data, streamlines production processes, and promotes adaptability, all within a single system. DoFort seamlessly integrates with state-of-the-art technologies, resulting in cost efficiencies, well-informed decision-making, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. This forward-looking solution empowers manufacturers to attain operational excellence and foster sustainable growth.


Benefits of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

A modern, integrated manufacturing ERP system provides various operational and financial benefits at both the micro and macro levels. Some of the most notable ERP benefits for manufacturing organizations are as follows:

  • Improving efficiency by eliminating redundancy and automating processes.
  • Improving productivity by streamlining manufacturing processes
  • Inventory management, supply chain, warehouse, and transportation all need to be improved.
  • Taking actions to mitigate risk and increase compliance assurance
  • Increasing the level of customer service
  • Eliminating the need for several systems that don't communicate with one another
  • Obtaining real-time reporting for your operations and making it available to you immediately
  • Centralizing operational and financial data to improve visibility and communication
  • Developing the ability to adjust when faced with workplace changes or disruptions

Core Modules in ERP for Manufacturing Industry


Finance and Accounts


Inventory Management




Quality Control


Production Planning




Supply Chain Management

Key Features of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

  • In DoFort Manufacturing Industry ERP, an elegant user interface is combined with smooth navigation to provide a cutting-edge user experience.
  • Process automation in DoFort Manufacturing Industry ERP enables the capture of basic data and communication across departments.
  • Data Migration allows you to migrate prior data without duplication in Lighthouse ERP based on the needs of the customer.
  • You can keep the production timeline, workflow, and operations running smoothly. By using data analysis and reporting in DoFort Manufacturing Industry ERP.Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality integration for 3D visualization

Manufacturing ERP Software Built for your Industry

Automotive Parts and Accessories
Make sure your core processes are flexible enough to adapt to the road ahead.
Chemicals and Fertilizers
Grow, connect, streamline, and build your chemical manufacturing value chain.
Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.
Fabricated Metals
Gain greater insight into how you operate and more flexibility to stay ahead in a changing industry.
Food and Beverage
Meet the demands for product traceability and innovation, while future-proofing your supply chain.
Furniture and Fittings
Gain visibility and efficiency across your supply chain, and act fast on fluctuations in a stiffly competitive environment.
Industrial Machinery and Equipment
Provide better service and more sophisticated products, and deliver with speed and accuracy.
Medical Devices
Operate strategically with the visibility you need to support new innovations and future growth.
Go green, tightly manage your supply chain, and keep inventory turnover high.
Plastics and Rubber
Gain flexibility and sustainability in your processes while maintaining precision execution.

Metal Fabrication

In the metal fabrication manufacturing business, material availability, production timetables, and people capabilities must all align to meet client expectations. This is a huge issue in and of itself, but fabricators also face other obstacles that make running a profitable business incredibly tough. Demand variations, increased raw material costs, and skilled labour shortages are all putting pressure on earnings and evaluating operational performance. While market forces are beyond our control, technology is allowing manufacturers to run more smoothly, efficiently, and profitably. Metal fabrication ERP solutions can help manufacturers optimize processes, improve planning, and execute more efficiently, resulting in shorter time to market, less waste, and lower costs. The visibility, control, and efficiency of DoFort manufacturing ERP help metal fabricators. Metal fabricators benefit from DoFort manufacturing ERP's visibility, control, and efficiency.


Manufacturing in pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most heavily regulated, with constant changes. To stay up with the changes, pharmaceutical companies must be adaptive. There are several procedures and criteria that must be followed in pharmaceutical companies. As a result, the pharmaceutical industry is fiercely competitive. Pharmaceutics companies need a well-oiled operation work-flow and system-wide integration to achieve peak efficiency. Pharmaceutical companies have seen substantial changes in the recent decade as a result of competition from other companies. ERP is necessary in the pharmaceutical industry due to the company's clear competitive nature. Pharmaceutical ERP automates a number of processes in pharma companies, allowing them to generate the best possible results.

FMCG Industry

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, or FMCG, are goods that are sold for immediate consumption. FMCGs are perishable commodities that must be eaten within a short period of time. Skincare products, packaged food, dry goods, beverages, cosmetics, chocolates, frozen goods, and over-the-counter medication are among these items. Because these commodities have a short shelf life, they must be sold and consumed as soon as possible, earning them the moniker "Fast Moving Consumer Goods." Because these products are used on a daily basis, their consumption rate is much higher than that of other durable goods.

Companies in the FMCG industry play a critical part in any country's economy. Fast-moving consumer products businesses have a high turnover rate, and the market is very competitive. In addition, for FMCG companies to stay in business, they must have a reliable distribution network. Because the cost of Fast Moving Consumer Goods is minimal, individuals can buy them again and over again.
DoFort ERP software for the FMCG business can manage the flow of activities. The DoFort ERP software is in charge of resource planning and allocation. In addition, the software has a number of other features and benefits that have the potential to completely transform the FMCG industry. DoFort ERP software for Fast Moving Consumer Goods provides system-wide connection to the entire business, resulting in smooth information exchange and simplified collaboration within the industry. DoFort ERP software also enables central data storage, allowing information to be retrieved regardless of geographical boundaries as needed.


Garment manufacturing

With DoFort ERP Software, you can keep track of every step of your garment manufacturing. All of your production, selling, buying, quality control, and inventory management may be done in one spot. DoFort ERP System, being a garment manufacturing ERP, automatically handles multi-level material requirements. It's simple to keep track of even the most complicated garment manufacturing processes. DoFort ERP for Textiles and Apparel Industry allows you to manage your business in the cloud or on-premise, thanks to its flexible deployment choices. Through a web browser, factories, offices, and individuals can access information in real time from anywhere. Not only that, but DoFort is widely regarded as the best Textile Software for tracking processes and fabric inventory management in the apparel industry.

Chemical manufacturing

Chemical, pesticide, and fertilizer industries have complex processes and operations. Because chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizers are highly toxic in nature, the entire industry must take safety precautions and exercise prudence in order to avoid any health risks. As a result, activities and processes must be executed with high precision. All chemicals, insecticides, and fertilizers must have precise chemical compositions in order for product quality to be preserved.
ERP software is the most effective way to address all of the issues that arise in the chemical, pesticide, and fertilizer industries. ERP for the chemical sector is a solid solution that aids in the prevention of errors and mistakes. Pesticides and fertilizers ERP software enables industry to achieve system-wide integration for seamless data and information interchange, resulting in quick access at any time.


Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Manufacturing of food and beverages is among the country's most significant industries nowadays. Shifting consumer needs, globalization, the necessity for ongoing innovation, seasonal demands, margin squeeze, intense rivalry, and so on are all issues it encounters. For large manufacturers to short-cycle produce, developing new high-quality items that meet today’s modern market demands while adhering to severe food safety laws is becoming increasingly vital. This is nearly hard to achieve without using food production ERP software, and as time goes on, ever more companies are realizing the value of an ERP for the food and beverage industry.
DoFort provides best software for Food and Beverage industry is a custom and formula-based manufacturer's ERP system. It was created to help them enhance their overall business processes.

Industrial Machinery and Equipment manufacturing

You may be facing a variety of business issues as a manufacturer in the Industrial Machinery and Equipment market, including inaccurate supply chain and inventory forecasts, disconnected legacy systems, premature machinery breakdown, delivering items faster, and volume expectations.
With these challenges, as well as the need for accurate price forecasting, strong financial controls, and the ability to fully trace and implement warranties on goods, you'll need an ERP system that can handle accurate costing, complex bills of materials and unique scheduling, meticulous and actionable traceability, point supply chain visibility, and integral quality management. By supporting Build to Order, Build to Stock, and even Engineer to Order production, DoFort ERP software gives you the flexibility you need to manage complicated builds and meet client demands. In both a single-plant and multi-plant context, this is accomplished whether you utilize standard cost or moving average cost. DoFort ERP software elevates the manufacturing of industrial equipment and machines to new heights.


Furniture and Fittings Manufacturing

DoFort ERP furniture manufacturing software solutions have the flexibility to help you meet the business challenges in this highly competitive market, allowing you to gain significant efficiencies, streamline your supply chain, and get your furniture and related hardware to distributors and consumers faster than ever before, even at high volume. All from a single integrated system designed specifically for your industry's requirements.
The furniture and furnishings sector is diversified and confronted with a variety of issues. For fire certifications, customer needs, raw material cost control, and lead times, total traceability is required. DoFort ERP system will assist in matching the needs of end-product furniture makers as well as component suppliers for parts kits and subassemblies.

Electronics Manufacturing Software

Agility and speed in getting to market are crucial for manufacturers in the electronics manufacturing business to handle the challenges of ongoing product innovation, short product life cycles, large amounts of obsolete inventory, and complicated supply networks. You'll need an ERP solution that allows for automation, integration, visibility, and cross-communication across the whole supply chain to succeed. For the Electronics Manufacturing industry, DoFort offers the best Electronics Manufacturing Software.
Electronics manufacturers are frequently perplexed by the objectives of fierce competition, traceability, supply chain management, product life cycles, enterprise-wide visibility, warranty, and ever-changing statutory and regulatory compliance. With MRP and CRM already in place, these manufacturers seek to meet the ever-increasing demands for generating novel products while also increasing efficiency and preserving superior quality. Despite today's cutting-edge technology, advanced ERP software for the electronics industry performs admirably in assisting organizations in addressing and responding to potential difficulties in a timely and efficient manner.


Medical device manufacturing

DoFort provides a robust manufacturing ERP software solution that is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the medical device manufacturing industry. When FDA compliance, medical device quality, and enterprise-wide traceability are critical success factors. DoFort help the Medical Device manufacturers to meet their ever-changing and complex requirements.
Optimal Manufacturing Productivity for Profitable Growth, Medical device manufacturers work in one of the most competitive and highly regulated industries in the world, where success can be determined by time-to-market and traceability. DoFort ERP software help the medical device manufacturers to maintain their competitive advantage in medical device manufacturing.

Plastic and rubber manufacturing

Plastic is one of the most widely utilized materials in the world. Plastic has been ingrained in our daily lives. As a result, the demand for plastic has increased. The plastics manufacturing industry must meet demand while also increasing production. As the number of operations grows, so does the number of issues and obstacles. This might cause a disruption in the workflow, resulting in a decrease in the manufacturing of plastic items and products.
The plastics manufacturing business has complex processes and can present a confusing array of issues. ERP software is essential for reducing stress and improving the ability to deal with issues. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a collection of programmes that work together to form an integrated system for an entire industry.


Packaging manufacturing

Packaging has to be one of the most interesting – and intimidating – industries in the world. Consider the increased focus on packaging's environmental impact, as well as the unfavorable attention from the media and lobbying groups. Add in the pressure from a more aware and concerned customer and you've got a growing need for packaging that's attractive and recyclable, as well as reusable, compostable, biodegradable, and even edible. It quickly becomes evident that packaging that does not match these ever-higher criteria will be phased out of the market. The sky is the limit for packaging companies that can adapt and comply.
Whether you manufacture recyclable cardboard, plastic roll stock, bags, pouches, shrink wrap, stretch film, boxes, bubble wrap, or any other type of packaging, you must develop ways to increase operational efficiency and respond rapidly to changing consumer expectations, legislation, and market trends.

Jewellry Software

DoFort Jewellery Management Software manages a variety of tasks in your store to maintain a seamless workflow and operation. It aids in the tracking of inventories and sales. You can automate barcode handling, stock movement, seamless sales, and inventory with our jewellery management software. DoFort Jewellery Billing Software is a billing and accounting solution for any wholesaler, producer, or goldsmith in the jewellery industry. It aids with the management of your jewellery store's bookkeeping, including inventory control, bar code scanning, and accounts. Customer Billing, Barcoding, Return & Repair, Purchase & Planning, Suppliers, Stocks, Adjustments, Counter Stocks, Finance, Payables & Receivables, DoFort Jewellery Software is the ideal Accounting Software for your Retail & Wholesale business. DoFort Jewellery Software is a true accounting and inventory management system that offers you complete control over your business.


Why to Choose DoFort Manufacturing ERP in APAC Region?

Adaptability is required of manufacturers. The business climate is always evolving, and yesterday's techniques and ideas may no longer be effective tomorrow in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand. As a result, producers must be able to plan ahead of time rather than react to changes and disturbances. Manufacturing ERP system in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand from DoFort enable companies to embrace change, keep up with current technology, and stay ahead of the competition.

DoFort is the most scalable, flexible, and adaptable solution on the market in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand. DoFort Manufacturing ERP software enables you to build a fully integrated suite that includes a variety of specific solutions to address all elements of manufacturing in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand. Businesses looking for cost-effective yet powerful functions will find it to be an excellent tool, with an intuitive user interface that makes it consumer solutions.

DoFort develops software that enables manufacturers to be more intelligent, agile, and innovative in an ever-changing business environment. That involves incorporating real-time reporting and visibility into your business operations, market, and customers so you can make informed decisions. Manufacturers in India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, and Thailand use DoFort ERP software to respond quickly and strategically to both internal and external company changes. DoFort ERP systems allow manufacturers not only adapt to change and disruptors, but also use them to gain a competitive advantage. DoFort ERP incorporates manufacturing sector industry standards that are tailored to the specific needs of the manufacturing business. The world is changing quicker than it has ever been, and businesses must deliver the best to become adaptive manufacturing businesses or risk becoming obsolete.

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The Importance of Quality Control in Manufacturing

The Importance of Quality Control in Manufacturing


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